Undercarriage trouble!

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was wondering if any you ladies of a certain age out there have had problems down below which seem to be linked to ms?

i had hysterectomy twenty years ago when age forty and haven’t really had any problems despite prior to that having a botched forceps delivery flowed by infection breakdown and surgery.

Since starting with gastric IBS and constipation problems about a year ago when I get severe attacks with dreadf fatigue I feel like e dry thing is full and heavy down there despite laxatives keeping me going . Sometimes lower abdo pains are terrible for a few days and I can definately feel and see bulges I side vaginal vault. Gp says structures may have weakened but bulgi g is minor so just to have oestrogen cream and do pelvic lot excercises! I’m worried if its ms related it might get worse and intercourse is already impossible , he says best to a kid any idea of surgery cos it will flare ms up. Should I insist on a. Gynae referral ? Can I do that? Any advice welcome thankyou x

I would get a Gynae referral to be honest to just check everything is ok.

I do have issues sometimes, like my undercarriage is feeling heavy, it goes numb too and I find it hard to pee. I have left sided abdo pain since mine when I was 27, and they never did anything about it, and said it was IBS.

I would get it checked out though. Not everything is about MS, but doctors dont seem to be able to think outside the box.

Agree with Goldengirl. I was diagnosed with IBS some years ago; had a hysterectomy in 2007; dx with RRMS at end of last year; I’m a patient at a Lower Urinary Tract Services unit here in London, for a urinary infection, and on long-term antibiotics.

I have issues with peeing; the Professor who runs the LUTS unit says you have to be very careful of what he called MS bladder and possible urinary retention. I’d previously seen gynaecologists, gynae-urologist, and urologist. Had quite invasive tests (which the Prof hates people having when they have bladder infections) Have sluggish bowel too and take a sachet of Movicol twice a day.

Anyway sorry if all TMI, but I’m convinced now that all these things are linked to MS (which I’ve probably had for about 17 years, says my MS neuro.) Can you get a referral to a uro-gynaecologist? Just be careful with any tests /surgical procedures that they might recommend.

I’m afraid that this probably typical of what I call a lack of joined-up medicine - i.e. all the consultants are experts in their field but find it hard to look ‘outside the box’.


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Hi Louise funny enough I had my hysterectomy in late seventies when i was about 27. My issues started in 1981 with my first symptom when i woke up in morning my left arm was numb and my fingers, it would take ages to come alive again, but my GP had no clue and that was it. BUT from then i had constant urinary problems on and off for so long it drives me nuts.

When i had my flow rate tested by urologist a few years back it was nearly non existant. I constantly have UTI all the time and take an antibiotic every night but still get the stupid things.