Stomach problems

hi, been having stomach problems for as long as i can remember since diagnosis of Ms, 14yrs ago, but have been living with it as the docs always say its to do with th ms and muscles and anxiety,

gettting fedup of being fobbed off now with everything being blamed on MS, had uti and th medicine gave me problems, also diarrhoe, now when i urinate or empty bowels(loose), get soo much pain inside n although always had digestive problems, finding it hard to digest thru this phase of diarrhoe, somtimes feels like losing my breath. WAnt to get more investigations done, would any problems come up in blood tests? And what should i ask th doc to test me for, i was thinkin a full stomach scan and bowel scan as read somewhere on another site. obviously somthing is going on as most of my problems are stomach related which then also makes my ms worse. so stressed and lost as to why there are no answers.

Hi golden 123, first time posting on here but I’ve been lurking for a while! Your post prompted me to register to say I also have terrible MS related stomach problems but there is stuff that can be done. Have you been referred yet to a continence nurse? It might be a good first step as they deal with bowel (and stomach) as well as bladder problems. Try speaking to your MS nurse or GP. Hope it helps x

I was diagnosed at age 22 and am 50 now but experiencing issues of what ever I eat I experience bad flatulence and often constipation even with taking the sachet prescribed. I eat healthily and don’t often eat chicken, mainly fish or vegetarian meals from scratch as processed foods not good. Any one else have stomach isues?

Hi, I was diagnosed with IBS and given mebeverine to stem the contractions of the intestines. It does help to some extent. I also had an internal inspection and they found that I have diverticulitis, hurts like hell when it flares up. Nothing ever showed up in any of my blood tests. Speak to your GP about IBS and request an internal if you are concerned.

Buscopan and peppermint oil work too. I also take curcumin to help with any inflammation.