Heartburn (not ms)

i was wondering if anyone could help me. For about 2 years i have had stomach problems where i had a infection which eventually got treated after that i was left with the worst stomach pain and heartburn ive ever had. The stomach pain has calmed down now but the heartburn has got to  a really bad stage. I take 2 omeprazoles aday and take gaviscon when i need to. I saw a specialist the other day who was of no help to me.

The omperazole and the gaviscon just seem not to be working anymore. Ive tried drinking milk which helps a little but has anyone got any better suggestions cause im going out of my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I too have suffered for years with stomach acid and digestive problems.  Since being diagnosed with ms my neuro now thinks it may have connections with ms, also suffering stomach spasms and often food just wont go down into my intestines.  Ive found when fatigued particularly stomach acid seems to get worse as does the passage of food.  There is a pill called motilium which helps food go through the system faster, Ive weaned off them thinking I no longer needed them, but I do.  Im about to start them again to see if they help.


One thing I have noticed helps, eat little and often, no big meals and being upright for as long as possible as lying down makes the situation worse.


I seriously think it is nerve related in that our stomachs are making too much stomach acid and if our food refuses to budge - hence the muscles required to shove the food where its supposed to go working sluggish, then we have to try calm it down by Omeprazole and try asking for those pills.  Afraid it will be medication from now on as lots of msers too have similar problems.  There must be a connection somewhere - nerves, muscles etc.


Hope yours soon resolves.  Im sat here with acid coming into my mouth all the time today and yesterday.  driving me nuts too.


Best wishes



Hi, i suffer the exactly the same as you and i take thje same medication


you could try peppermint esence with warm water or bicarbinated soda

it dont taste very good but it SOMETIMES works



its funny that you say that it might be down to the ms as under one year from being diagnosed with ms i started to get these problems. The problem is is that my nuero doesnt care and see this as a seperate issue.

I've had it increasingly last year or so and think it is MS. So many MSers seem to have it. There were 2 posts not so long ago with MSers saying how badly they get it.

Google 'acid reflux'. Loads of info online and diet advice. Unfortunately it does seem that just about everything causes acid including tea, coffee, bread, pastry, pasta... the list goes on. I don't think the milk is a good idea. If you imagine putting milk with acid you will see that the milk would curdle. 

Good luck with it. It drives me nuts. I would think I spend maybe 80% of my life with acid reflux.

Pat x