Stomach probs?

Hi all,

It’s been ages since my last post! Just wanted general views or opinions, would my MS cause my bowel to spasm? I will probably ring my MS nurse next week but I was hospitalised with severe symptoms very bad stomach pains - I was doubled over with the pain and unable to walk the hosp did all blood tests, x-rays, scans etc found nothing then sent me away telling me it was probably the MS?! Having been a victim of this before which resulted in me having an operation to remove my omentum - I just wondered if anyone else suffered from the same / similar.


Becksie xx

Hi, I had never heard of the omentum before, so googled it…mmm.

The pain sounds like it might be IBS…my daughter suffered with it in her teens and was also doubled up in pain. I expect that has already crossed your mind, eh?

She was prescribed colofac, which helped a lot.

MS has the ability to cause spasms anywhere I guess.

Are you on anything like baclofen?

luv Pollx

MS can cause spasms in any part of the body. I suffer stomach spasms, felt like a heart attack, just finished having tests to rule out heart problems. They can be very distressing and confusing for the medical profession and moreso for us.

Yes, spasms anywhere which mimic other ailments, so best have them ruled out and when all is, then its probably your ms lesions causing spasms.

With me all tests ruled out other diseases, hence ms spasms.

There is medication which you should be prescribed to see if it helps. I took Colefac for bowel spasms and spasmonal/motilium for stomach spasms. Ask your gp to help, he/she should be able to help you cope with them.



I looked up IBS just a few days ago as I have been having severe stomach pains which keep me awake at night and have me doubled up and not knowing where to put myself. The article I read said it could be caused by neurological problems including MS. Surprise, surprise!! It also said that IBS is either diarrhoea dominated or constipation dominated - mine is the latter and the stomach pains usually mean I need the toilet pronto as it’s about to clear ! I’m going to live with it for now and discuss it with my nurse at my next check-up unless it becomes a real problem in which case I may have to visit my GP (which I hate doing as he won’t have a clue what to do with me).

The article also said IBS often goes hand in hand with acid reflux which I take a daily tablet for and it also said the pain often occurs in the same place in the abdomen which mine does. I know I’m self-diagnosing which isn’t advisable but it just all fits and my bowel was never a problem until I was numb from the waist down during a relapse. I made a reasonable recovery from the relapse but my bowel has been sluggish ever since and my bladder cannot tolerate caffeine (although I drink it to speed up my bowel occasionally). I haven’t noticed any particular foods causing problems but think I may start a food diary to see if I notice a link.


Hi all, thanks for the replies,

they did suggest IBS but ruling out caeliac etc first, I never had probs before but thinking about it Tracey after a relapse has left me with limited sensation from the waist down i’m wondering if maybe that is something to do with it? It’s not linked to diarrhoea or constipation, they ruled that out at A&E which is why they were scratching their heads a bit. I might contact the nurses and get their view on it and i’ll let you know what they say.

Becksie x

Hi Becksie,

I have a wheat intolerance and get severe stomach pains when I have too much. I try not eat too much but sometimes I just have to eat that Pizza, carrot cake, chocolate fudge cake, banofee pie, etc etc. If I don’t eat too much it’s fine. I’m usually very good but sometimes I have to splurge.

Adrian x

Hi Becksie

It would be interesting to know what they find out. I eat bread every day but I don’t have the severe pain every day, so I don’t think I have a wheat intolerance. It tends to build up for several days and then it will calm down again for a while. I hate it as I never quite know when I’m going to need the toilet urgently when I’m so full of pain and I don’t feel as if I can be out in ‘polite’ company (ie anyone that doesn’t understand MS and all its vagaries). The wind can be awful too. This is awful but it’s good to talk where other people understand; the only other times I talk so openly is with my nurse and even then I blush furiously!!

I’m sure this is the one symptom I would give away tomorrow if I could as it’s the one I can’t mention to anyone …