IBS or IBD ?

Evening everyone


I was just wondering if anyone suffered for any of these conditions?

I was ok until I stated to take medication and now seem to go through phases of being constipation, with the odd bout of diarroah and now suffering piles.


Is this a common sympton with MS?


I have had one scan of the abdomen (last year) that did not reveal anything and they are sending me for another in a few days.

One of the MS drugs which I took was a monoclonal antibody which did suppress the immune system significantly and a side effect was fungal and bacterial infections.


I welcome any advice please

According to my neuro, IBS is very common in MS. He reckons we get diagnosed with IBS because the gastros can't find a cause, but that's because it's a central nervous system input that's causing the problem and not something digestive.

I take omeprazole and spasmonal forte for spasms, pain and nausea plus loperamide for chronic diarrhoea (I don't get constipation). Keeps it all working OK most of the time - phew!

Hopefully you'll be able to get something to help too.

Karen x

Think I need to go to bed....thought u said IDS......zzzzzzz thumbsup

Ellie  x

PS I had IBS for several years-pregnancy cured is but thats a bit drastic!