Visited the Gp - IBS and MS

Well after my increase in parasthesia, the hug from hell over the last few weeks (become intermittent now) bowel and gastro issues I saw the GP. He thought it all could be IBS - I don’t think he had a clue about MS hug stuff (I know it’s definitely spasm as when I took diazepam last year with the same issue I was 70% better). He gave me anti-bowel spasm meds to help - slaps hand on forehead and shakes head. I wanted some diazepam or something else as I’m flying away for a conference next week and the last thing I want is to have the hug suddenly again. I was so bad last wednesday evening that I couldn’t lie or siy and the care just seem to set it off. I almost carted myself off to A&E.

Not that I’m saying the bowel and gastro issues can’t be IBS - I think Rizzo once said a suprising number of people with MS have IBS becuase of vagus nerve damage (according to her neuro). So it’s worth a shot - though I’m looking into the diet for IBS and to be honest I don’t eat most that stuff anyway (apart from onion and garlic) and have tried anti-gluten stuff for a month a while back incase but made me constipated actually.

Does anyone else here have IBS and MS. Just wondered about your experiences / take on it.





I’m sceptical of the dual diagnosis thing. The bowel is a muscle, like any other, so if you have neuro problems affecting core and lower muscles, I can’t really see why the bowel should be an exception. If somebody with MS/suspected MS has what resembles IBS, is that really a diagnosis in its own right, or just another symptom?



I feel the same Tina, but trying to look on the bright side that at least he’s ruling out other gastro issues by doing blood tests and stool sample analysis. He sort of seemed to glaze over it being anything neuro related - even when my partner said I think the spasms are higher and more muscoloskeletal and the burning pain?

I think it’s partly lack of knowledge and partly because I don’t have a diagnosis so he doesn’t particularly want to give me anything - thats the vibe I got. Guess I have to try out what the GP said and wait for my neuro review end of september. Personally I think I need another spinal MRI - it’s two years since I had one and most my issues present and previous seem more like they could originate from a spinal lesion (apart from my ? TN episode).

Really ill with flu since saturday so that’s probably muddied the water but this definitely feels like I’ve had a new episode of things as my pins and needles and numbness increased from around a week before the end of july and then the spasms and bowel and gastro issues.

Just hope I’m okay when I fly out next week.

Thanks for your thoughts Tina



Hi Reemz! I agree - it doesn’t sound like IBS to me either x What yo describe sounds ‘hug’ related to me -but there who am I to disagree! x Are you on Gabapentin and Baclofen? They sorted it for me xxjenxx

Hey Jen :slight_smile:

Just replied to your post!

I asked my GP for meds to help with the spasming - he suggested I get stuff for bowel spasm/ IBS symptoms over the counter! I just don’t think he got how much pain I was in last week to the point for me to contemplate sitting at A&E with my parents who are almost 70. Hit hand on head…

I’ve been off sick yesterday and today anyway because of the flu - it’s just knocked me off my feet even more with the whole neuro stuff to contend with but will be back at work tomoz.