Bowel movements

Ok so it’s not the nicest thing to ask but hey you’re the best people to ask the question to! Wonder if anyone experiences frequent bowel movements and if thats a normal symptom of ms? Ive been having frequent bowel movements for a little while and sometimes go to the toilet 5 or 6 times a day! I’m sure all the food I’m eating is coming straight back out!!!

Hi Karina, it could be a new symptom but also very likely to be something else.

Have you seen GP? If not I suggest you do. If nothing else, the doctor will be able to give you something to stop it happening. Well worth getting it checked. Never assume that something is an MS symptom.

Hope it clears up soon,

Pat x

I’ve finally managed to get an appointment at the doctors on Friday so will be able to talk to him then. Also my blood tests that the neuro ordered are back and the hospital are forwarding them to the gp so I will be able to get them from the doctors and find out if anything showed up. I’m going to ask the doctors to do a thyroid test as that could explain some things - like the frequent bowel movements and the hair loss and my lips keep cracking - none of them seem to fit in with ms