Bowel movements

Ok so it’s not the nicest thing to ask but hey you’re the best people to ask the question to! Wonder if anyone experiences frequent bowel movements and if thats a normal symptom of ms? Ive been having frequent bowel movements for a little while and sometimes go to the toilet 5 or 6 times a day! I’m sure all the food I’m eating is coming straight back out!!!

Hi Karina

I have opposite problem to you now thanks to ms but my continence nurse says it can be one or the other. Loperamide should stop your problem, but ask your nurse or Dr. Probably put it down to ms, hope you get more better replies.


Hey Karina - I’m having awful time with my bowels. Ms nurse visited me who has 6 years continence experience. Loperamide was awful for me the discomfort of constipation. You don’t mention consistency of your poo - yuck sorry to get back to basics. If it is runny it could be overflow. Do do do get expert advice as wonky bowels are awful. You may be able to self refer yourself to a continence nurse at your local hospital. Hugs Min xx

No they aren’t runny not diarrhoea or anything just normal but frequent of about 4-6 times a day

Well i am complete opposite and can spend upto an hour on the toilet during this time the tingling sensation in my feet and legs gets stronger and never know if this is normal !!!

In saying that what is normal every day can be different :slight_smile:


Blimey Karina - like me sounds like the loo is your second home!! What does your GP or ms nurse said? Mandy - odd bowels and doesn’t sound normal to me Min xx

i cant get a happy medium , im either constipated so i take movacol then for a week or so im really really loose and tooo frequent, my bladder well that is as bad i have to start to self cathertise soon not looking forward to that stupid ms

Self catheterisation is fantastic. Yes a bit difficult to do at first. But now for me it is so easy. No longer are my trips out a where’s the nearest toilet search. I also take desmopressin which stops me getting up at night to pee. Hugs Min xx

Hi min, haven’t been referred to ms nurse yet - still waiting for final tests (lumbar puncture, pet scan, VEP and SSEP) for the firm diagnosis so that I can start treatment. Managed to get a doctors appointment for Friday so hopefully he will be able to find out whats going on. Thankfully the toilet isn’t my second home because I’m straight in do my business and then straight out again!

Hi, well yesterday I was wiped (excuse the pun)out, due to over activitiy with bowels.

Like many of us, I can`t find the happy medium either!

Thing was it was one of my two days out a week. I couldn`t get off the loo and then had to shower and wash my clothes.

I was furious with myself as it ruined an outing. Ended up in bed with commode at the ready!

luv Pollx