Frequent bowel

Ok so it’s not the nicest thing to ask but hey you’re the best people to ask the question to! Wonder if anyone experiences frequent bowel movements and if thats a normal symptom of ms? Ive been having frequent bowel movements for a little while and sometimes go to the toilet 5 or 6 times a day! I’m sure all the food I’m eating is coming straight back out!!!

Sounds like you should be seeing a gastroenterologist. If it’s diarrheoa, have you changed your diet? Or perhaps you’ve developed an intolerance? Or perhaps it’s IBS? Or??? Best to see an expert I think!

(Just answering so you have a chance of having some decent replies - the site’s a bit nuts tonight so several posts are about to slip off the front page without answers.)

Karen x

Hi Karen, I haven’t changed my diet and it’s not diarrhoea it’s just normal stools I’ve just been going about 5 times a day. Been trying to get an appoontment at doctors but it’s fully booked so probably won’t be able to get an appointment until next week. Was just wondering if anyone else had this as most people seem to have it the other way round where they can’t go!