Bowel movements

Ok so it’s not the nicest thing to ask but hey you’re the best people to ask the question to! Wonder if anyone experiences frequent bowel movements and if thats a normal symptom of ms? Ive been having frequent bowel movements for a little while and sometimes go to the toilet 5 or 6 times a day! I’m sure all the food I’m eating is coming straight back out!!!

sometimes i have to run very fast to the toliet,have had a couple of misses,I get embarrassed when this happens,ive always put it down to the side effects of some medication? but i dont really know .

This could be bowel incontinence, I had it for a year 12 years ago, I was totally vegetarian at the time and thought it was my diet; my doctor had treated me for an infection and everytime I went back she told me to drink lots of water, this I did and it did get better after a year. I now realise it was probably connected with MS as I’d had a numb arm at the time.