Bowels movement

here’s a personal question but one I need to ask I seem to have stopped going to the toilet as often as usual. By that I mean going every day to going once every two days then back to normal. It’s all totally a random thing like I said a very personal subject to talk about but one fellow suffers will understand. Thanks for understanding Neil

Hello Neil.

It is a very personal thing in that we are all affected differently.

I had the same thing and resorted to Dulcolax which helped a lot. My main gripe was having to sit for ages!

I think it’s best to talk to your GP or MS nurse. Don’t pass it off as a “thing”. At my stage of MS, help is very much appreciated. Don’t just put up with it, you can get help if you’re worried.

Best wishes, Steve.

My signalling system goes from “lets not bother for a couple of days” - to - “if you don’t get to the loo in the next 45 seconds you will be in BIG trouble”

Flipping annoying. I now manage my exhaust system with Peristeen, hardly fun but so reassuring to be in control.

Good luck with finding the right way forward for you. Probably good to start with your GP.