Toilet habits

Hello good people.

Whilst we have common core physical issues, the effects on us can be widely varied.

Six months ago my father gave me a supply of Dulcolax.

“Stick with them and be patient,” he suggested. Well I have and I was. I posted about this previously after a dose of two a day was a tad excessive. One a day however appears to be increasing frequency and reducing the endless hours sitting, thinking and straining. It’s still not perfect but I can safely announce that it has significantly improved my quality of life. I may grumble about having to get up to go and then lie down again afterwards but they are worth a go if you haven’t tried them already.

In the past, frustration and impatience has had the better of me. It’s taken years for me to get to this stage so there’s no overnight cure; just a gradual improvement of my visitations.

Best wishes.

a gradual improvement is as good as a win win situation, in this game, eh?


That’s good to know, I’m more frequently feeling like my bowels are just being lazy these days. But compared to the old days of excessive frequency/urgency, that’s still better but I’ve wondered if I should take something to ensure regularity… better than popping immodium five/six times a week anyway - jst goes to show that MS symptoms are far fro straightforward!

Sonia x