bowel movements

Just a note about the toilet for PP patients.

Don’t worry if things stop being as regular as before.

My specialist doctor says that the automatic functions will always work, but I’m here to say: Not without help!

I got very worried when things seemed to be very difficult, with many more minutes spent in there than usual, and a lot of groaning. (My brother found the same thing - he also has MS - and actually gave himself a hernia!)

Now I’m used to the new regime. One has to wait for a bit of a build up, then push quite hard, and sometimes one is rewarded. Don’t be disheartened at first. What was once natural and easy becomes something of an achievement when it happens. But try to relax about it - it WILL happen!

Good advice Andy.

I’d advise for people to make the effort (pun intended) to stay regular which may involve trying various laxatives until they find a working solution. Be patient and don’t overdo the medication. Dulcolax worked well for me, as did including golden linseeds in my diet. Unfortunately, I developed a tumour down there so in order to reduce any potential complications (ie gross accidents) I had a stoma. Sometimes it speaks out of turn but I suppose you could call it a conversation starter.

Best wishes. Steve

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I just like to throw my tuppence worth in now and then. I’ve had SPMS for about 13 years now and my bowel movements are the opposite. My sphincter muscle has been weakened by MS and before physiotherapy I used to struggle making it to the pan before soiling my pants. Four times a day I’m supposed to tense the muscle to half full tension, hold for 10 seconds, relax for 5 seconds and restart the cycle again. This has helped, but I’ve got to plan outings and sometimes when I get out of bed the bowel floor pan feels like I need to go and that’s great if this daily morning event keeps up.

Having read your comments about bowel movements I felt I had to share that I have found DulcoEase works very well by softening the stools and you can take anywhere between 1 and 3 per day.