Bowel issue :(

hi all lovely topic for a Sunday … after having an X-ray my bladder and bower consultant has just advised I am badly impacted and prescribed a large dose of movicol … 6 sachets in 6 hrs for 2/ 3 days plus ducolax at night … just finished day two and apart from a couple of quick runs to the loo this morning … nothing… apart from water … anyone else has this treatment … am i expecting too much ? Was hoping I’d get it all over this day so I could go to work tomorrow but looking like it might not be the case ? The other thing is it’s just making my bladder issues worse …

Thanks for any advice or re assurance appreciated !

Hello Molly.

I’ve had some nightmares with the bowels. I take one Dulcolax a night. It’s needed a bit of patience but now things are much easier. I’m still not a daily goer but when I do it’s much easier. It’s still a bit unpredictable but as long as I’m near a loo! I can see how it can be inconvenient for work. But it’s a case of needs must and it’s better than the alternative. I’m certainly much happier with the Dulcolax.

I wish you well.

Hi, I know what a pain in the …excuse the pun…butt… bowels issues can be.

In the past, I have gone 7 days before clearing a back log!!! I`ve upped my movicols, added extra prunes or figs to my meals, drunk plenty of tap water, and then needed a district nurse to come give me enemas.

It will move eventually, but it`s ok when at home, but not when needing to leave the house, I know.

You just gota sit it out and wait I`m afraid.

Prune juice helps…get yourself a bottle!


lots of prune juice,warm water and also pears are really good to get it all moving.I found drinking a cup of prune juice on a morning followed by a cup of warm/hot water really helped and massage your tumm where your bowel is too.

Since i started taking a magnesium tablet every day i dont get constipated now.

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Any update? How are you?

Changing meds and certain types of meds can cause bowel problems. Especially, Amitriptyline and Gabapentin.

Take care,


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Hi Marty … thanks for asking …I am ok …not resolved but hey ho

i ended up with 4 days of treatment inc picolax , which i interpret as the eqivilant of drain cleaner as its surgery clean out ! Anyway I think in all it totalled 41 laxatives and very little output ! I was quite worried but thought I’m not in pain I was feeling sick but I think it was the salts in the movicol stuff so

i decided my body has had enough so I’ve stuck with my ducolax daily , (which I don’t like having) flax seeds, apricots and liquource … oh and hot water each morning and 2 litres during the day …basically any old wife’s tale or top tip I can find ! …I am back at gps next Friday fir meds review so going to talk to her her then as don’t see bladder bowel consultant until Nov . Funny you mention gapapentin I’ve just been swapped to that from my amytripyline as bladder doc thought it was contributing to my bladder issues …

not sure the gabapentin is doing anything as my symptoms are rubbish at minute … but only on a low dose l.

Hi Mollymoo - I have problems with constipation too although you’ve definitely got it worse than me. I use movicol if things slow down too much and that usually helps. However - the reason i’m replying is regarding the flax seens - I add these to my breakfast every day - two tablespoons at the moment. However - I read a long time ago that as the seeds are quite ‘difficult’ to break down just by chewing - you would probably swallow most of them whole which is little or no use. SO i use a coffee grinder and grind the little buggers up before adding them to my cereal, therefore getting maximum roughage. Hope this helps. Juls

Hi Molly, if someone tells you that some nuts and a bar of chocolate and it will come out a treat, rubbish, seriously, I was regular, all my life till a year ago, days went by, nothing, stomach got bigger (bigger than usual) stopped eating, called in docs a couple of times, own doc sent me to hospital, kept on sips of water for a day, sent to surgery where something was poked up the anus, the doc said (it was a finger, aye right, he had a funny dreamy look) only kidding, it was a tube with a camera on the end, it sucked out and showed no more blockage, a couple of days as inpatient till the rest started flowing, since then (October 16) I’ve took a sachet of the clear movicol every day since, 4 a day for the first couple of days, since then I’ve been back inside 3 more times, the video camera/hosepipe was laughingly shoved up each time, (no sure if I like poking up there permanently), I’ve been told by one doctor l’m allowed a couple more goes then surgery will be done, was told by specialist that my intestine is elongated due to the MS and it takes longer to reach bowel and is easily trapped by a fold somewhere, it is bad when a few days goes by without, but then comes (as the wife calls it) sh*temagedin, have fun when that time comes, Brian