Bowel issues ?

Morning everyone, so can anyone help with this please. I already have bladder problems, in fact I’m due to in for a suprapubic catheter fitted, anyway over the last few month’s I’ve noticed a change with my bowel, for the last 15yrs I’ve taken movicol on a regular basis, every night in fact, normally only 1 a night and this has worked perfectly well, but a few month’s ago things started to change, I noticed that even when taking the movicol I wouldn’t go to the loo, so I upped the dose, taking a couple throughout the day, anyway that worked ok, so then I’d go back to my normal dose, now I’m finding that I been woken in the night to go for a poo, then again when I wake up in the morning, it’s got to the stage that at times I’m only just making it, so I’m literally going from not being able to go, to going a lot and through the night, even though I’m just taking my normal dose, so I wanted to know that if any of you have bowel issues and I know there will be a few, then what’s your experience been like. I’m due to speak to my nurse in December and of course I will ask her, but you I feel and the best people to ask.


Hi Jean…my bowel patterns vary a lot. I need half a sachet of laxido , which works better when I have it with breakfast, plus prunes.

I go twice a day most days, but there can be a gap of a few days, so I up the laxido.

I still get feelings in my bowel, but cant always tell if it’s wind or a motion. But my bowel often opens before I want to go when gravity takes hold in my hoist. Accidents do happen!

Do you eat prrunes?Prune juice helps too. Even if you dont really like either, just get em down!

Hi Bouds,
Thank you for your reply, no I don’t eat prunes, as I always felt the movicol did the job ok and it did for long enough, I know part of the problem will be lack of mobility, but I’m really hoping its not down to nerve damage in that area, as is the issue with my bladder. My nurse keeps asking me about my bowel, its a if she thinks its bound to happen. Like you I’ve had accidents, but thankfully at the moment not too many. Take care,
Jean x

This isn’t something that I normally talk about but here goes. I was only diagnose about 3 years ago and prior to that my bowel habits were very regular, like twice a day regular. these days it will be once a day at most and more often that not every other day and when I do have to go I really have to go but thankfully I’ve not had any accidents. My diet has stayed roughly the same so it is down the MS.

When I have spoken to the Nurses they weren’t too concerned about the change in frequency as it was still in the “normal” range but they do often ask and I’m never quite sure how much detail to go into. It certainly sounds like it’s something to talk to the nurses about and hopefully you will be abe to get on top or things.

Thank you for you reply Patten, I appreciate it isn’t nice talking about it, but I feel this site is for us all to help each other. So yes I will speak to my nurse, because regardless of taking movicol something has definately changed for me and if I’m honest I really don’t want to think about it, but I know I have to, thanks again.