Bowels and no movement

I have very recently started having trouble with my bowel. I’ve always been constipated since a child, but it has got really bad recently. In the last year, consequently since my walking has become really bad, i’ve been having to cuddle my thighs to pass a stool, like I was giving birth again!! This last 2 weeks I’ve not been at all, having taken Movicol, and my stomach is huuuuge. Tried suppositories which resulted in a very small poo, but it wasn’t any where near the size I’ve been expecting!! And nothing since. How long might Movicol take?? Thinking about Peristeen now, but I’m worried even that won’t work, as even liquid doesn’t seem to come out (Movicol taken but no movement, can hear the liquid rolling about in my guts) My bowels just don’t seem to ever want to open!? Any hints or tips? Will Peristeen work for anyone?

I have been the same. Nurse told mt to take the movical,… Didn’t work. And she said to drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruit and veg, plus I eat dried fruit, nuts and grains, that all helped lots. I am naughty though I do take 2 sennakot twice a week and they help. Main thing is take your movicol and drink lots of water Lynn xx

I usually take Dulcolax with a result the next morning, but even that isn’t working :0( At my wits end, can’t bare it anymore, really hurting up to my tummy now, I think it’s backed up to there? Anyone do Peristeen with the same problems?

How much movicol are you taking? You can have up to 8 sachets a day usually

You are suffering with chronic constipation which is exactly what I suffered from and there were only two things that sorted it for me. 1) Colonic irrigation and 2) a product called oxypowder. If you can’t face colonic irrigation (many people can’t) then definitely think about trying oxypowder. It was recommended to me by my colonic therapist and it has totally sorted out my issue. You can get it on amazon and you may need to take up to 8 capsules per night to start off with to give you a good cleanse then you can lower the dose to what works best for you. It’s a great product as its totally natural and safe as its simply powdered oxygen. Give it a go, I really think it will help you. Just google it for more info. Best of luck Lisa x

Lisa is spot on about the Oxypowder.The stuff is a revelation,and the Loch Ness monster is not a myth


Right, oxypowder it is!!! Is it safe?i was thinking about a colonic, always wanted one ;0) Just been on the phone to docs who say combine with laxatives, but I can’t believe they didn’t work before?? How?? Always work overnight normally? Any ideas on that? So instead of Movicol use oxypowder? Thanks guys Txx

I would definitely go with the oxypowder as its totally safe an natural x

Decided against the Oxypowder, it has some serious health warnings attached!! Just wait for the poo I guess? Will book a colonic though Xx

My constipation was so bad, twelve days, my GP sent me to A & E as she suspected a twisted bowel. It wasn’t , thankfully. Hospital doc told me to take 8 movicols over a six hour period. Certainly worked ! Now I take one movicols daily, and if I don’t ‘go’ for two days, I take two (at the same time). Seems to work well. John P S - My GP changed my script to Laxido, supposed to be the same as Movicol. I think it works better, gentler and less wind ! .

Thanks John I have already done 8 sachets on Tuesday, and still nothing :0(. I also took 2 Dulcolax last night, and STILL nothing!!! Bit worried, but my MS nurse gave my tummy a feel and said there were no hard areas, so I’m baffled!? Worried there us a blockage


I take 2 senna laxatives at night and a suppository every other morning, works well for me, good luck in your quest!

Senna has never worked for me in the past. Dulcolax does normally, but not at all now!? At my wits end, just want to do a poo!!!

Hi, I take lactulose which works every time I get too bound up. It doesn’t affect your bowel permanently as it is a sugar molecule that helps absorption of water to help pass the faeces. What I usually do is take it, the next day, I get up and have a cup of tea before anything else, relax and then it happens. I don’t know if its the warmth of the tea mixed with the overnight workings of the lactulose but is has seen me through many many years of constipation. Good luck Sam x

Hi Lactulose has never worked for me either :0( my bowels are a nightmare! What dose do you take? I took 30ml on Monday, but nothing! Got all sorts inside me now :0) About to have a coffee, perhaps that will stimulate things? I remember once having lots of Sambucca one night and that cleared me out, think it’s last resort time!!! Probably the aniseed? X

Lisa, lf l was you, l would definitely go for colonic irrigation. lt might take more then one attempt to clear you out - but as friends who have tried it say - it does wonders!! Once you have got ‘moving’ - try a glass of hot water with lemon first thing in the morning. Then have a bowl of chopped up dried figs/apricots/prunes with natural yoghurt and a large sprinkle of flax seeds on the top for breakfast. lt certainly works. Then perhaps you could ask about Peristeen.

Hope you get moving soon.


I use Peristeen and it’s fantastic. Soon after having my second child my bowels packed up and after too many problems from constipation to the complete opposite (get my drift) I went with Peristeen and I’ve not looked back, 2 years on! The thing with Peristeen is it won’t work for everyone but once you get in a routine then it’s the knowledge of knowing you have emptied yourself and even if there’s some left it’s not building up. I use it daily but lots of people use it every other day. I found out all about it. Spoke to my Gp and arranged for the Peristeen nurse to visit me, you can do a lot of the leg work yourself but you will need a GP on your side.

I’d say ‘go for it’ but that’s my opinion and you need to check it all out for yourself. I do still take a movicol at night as routine but in 2 years things have been so much better, touchwood it stays like it but you never know with MS!!

Good luck.


I put linseed on my weetabix every morning and its keeping me regular - its linseed with prune and apricot extracts, constipation is an awful thing - even I find if i have a drink(alcohol), things can move easier, especially wine and beer…hangover, not so good mind you.

I have suffered from bad bowel problems and have been using peristeen for past two yrs but I also need to take ducolax 15mg each night before I use peristeen but it is working and it is not too bad once u get used to it - how much ducolax are you taking?

Hi Taylor,if you can’t soften the contents of your bowel with Movicol or something similar,the colonic will not work as the water will not get past hard poo and won’t be able to flush anything out.As for your concerns over the health risks of the Oxy, carrying several pounds of ‘left overs’ around can cause many problems of a very immediate nature.