So up til now I haven't really had a major problem with this, if anything it tends to be more the other way but I can't remember the last time I went properly, just what I call "rabbit droppings" and I am in a lot of pain today.  I get the urge but can't move anything out of my bowel and a bit gross I know but I can't find anything in my rectum, is obviously a problem higher up.  I've upped my fluid and fibre intake, I hate taking anything for it as I really dont' want to swing the other way again.  The pain is so great its actually making me feel light headed.  I'm worried my bowel has completely stopped working like it did years ago before I was diagnosed.

Go to your gp today.

Many people underestimate the seriousness of constipation.


I'm the worst patient ever being a nurse.  Anything that is passing is soft I just need to do something to kick start everything going again.  I think its more that 10 days since I went properly.  I just keep thinking surely it will eventually sort itself out.

As a nurse does that not make you think its overflow?

Not wishing to be gross but Ive been on the recieving end of someone faecal vomitting...she was having 3 soft bowel movements a day yet she was horribly impacted very high up.

Have you tried impaction doses of movicol?


It doesn't smell like overflow (too many years around bowels).  I think I just have a portion of bowel that has got particularly sluggish again.  Last time I ended up having a barium meal and was still passing barium over a week later, and the bowel prep had worked.

In the mean time everything is backing up behind the blockage really would be kinder to your system to medicate.

My other self help tips are far too much alcohol,several cups of black coffee,lots of liquorice,chocolate coated raisins or sugar free sweets as the sorbital may do the trick.

Nurses are always the worst at doing what they know they should do.

Whichever course of action you take I hope it works soon for you.



Firstly, what happened years ago - was there anything then that caused it or sorted it?

Secondly, there's a stretch I do that can help loosen things up. I'll try & explain it as best I can, but I apologise if it it's a bit confusing. Start by sitting on the floor with your legs pointing straight out in front of you, but with your knees bent at 90 degrees and with your feet on the floor. Next, thread your left foot through the gap between your right foot and bum until your left thigh is pointing straight out in front of you, and the left-hand side of the left knee is against the floor (you'll probably need to bring your left heel towards your bum to do this). Then, keeping your left knee on the floor, move your right leg to the left, so that the outside of your right ankle is against your left knee but your right foot is still on the floor. Your right knee should still be pointing upwards. Now, turn your upper body to the right and place the back of your left elbow against the right-hand side of your right knee. Then, keeping your right knee upright, place the back of your right hand behind your back and push your left elbow against your right knee, so that, twisting from the waist, your upper body turns further round to the right. Hold this position for 5 seconds. 

Then, keeping your legs in the same position, twist your upper body round to the left and place the back of your right elbow against the left-hand side of your right knee. Place the back of your left elbow against your back, twist to your upper body round to the left and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this a few times on each side, then swap your legs round and repeat the whole thing.

I hope that all makes sense and that it helps things get along.


I'm starting to wonder should I need to be good at Twister!  I'll give that a go though, anything is worth the effort as even walking is painful.  I've tried the coffee, chocolate raisins fruit juice thing and it helps a bit but not enough to even sit down comfortably.

Never did get to the bottom of it previously and it improved on its own.  My GP is virtually impossible to get an appointment with, last twice I've needed a sick note I haven't been able to get an appointment and I can't phone them at the time the phone lines open as I'm driving the kids to school.  By the time I get to the village all appointments have gone.

Please dont leave it until its an  A&E least an enema at home is more dignified.

Have you tried a curry?

It does appear as its happened before that it needs another investigation though.


Just found out its not an uncommon side effect of Tysabri. 

Dont know how the Tysabri system works but I believe it involves a monitoring system???? Is there someone who deals with it that you could contact for advice?


Not at all pleasant for you. Over the past few years I've found that a lot to drink of my favourite tipple has remarkable effects the following morning. If you can't drink a month's worth of units in a session, try two of the Double Strength Sennacot with some booze. If you cannot drink booze just have the Sennacot.


I hope things improve for you,  Wb


Sorry to hear you are having problems, I've had them for so many years and now I take 15ml of Lactulose every night and it softens it. A much smoother ride for all concerned. Believe you will need to get it from doc's. Hope this helps and gets you sorted out quickly as I know how painful constipation is.

Good Luck,



Hi anon, it’s a horrible problem I too suffer, the latest thing I have tried which seems to help is Aloe Vera colon cleanser tablets from Holland and Barrett . Hope you soon get some relief. Karen

I'm now not entirely sure thats all thats the problem, I am feeling hot and cold, weak very severe abdo pain and frequency of urine.  If I've got a UTI on top that will really be the end.  I'm stuck home alone with the kids who I am in the process of sending to bed just to get them out of the way (before 7 for a 10 year old is really not on). 

Again I say you really do need medical intervention,if it is a uti it needs treating or your symptoms will go bananas.

Can you not explain to your kid that mom really doesnt feel well and needs to be on her own and as long as he/she stays quietly in ther room they dont have to go to bed?

Have you got anyone who can do the school run tomorrow so you can sort out seeing someone or by alone do you mean totally alone?


My partner will be back from work later, but tomorrow he has something on that he really can not change our whole future depends on it.  I've asked him to get back as soon as he can but he is in a speed limited vehicle, and waiting for someone to take over will take just as long.

i had this problem last year. in desperation i rang ms nurse and she told me to take 3 movicol and keep on doing this until i had a result. but it wasnt working fast enough.

hubby told me to drink a can of stellla artois. i hate lager and it was really early morning but i did have a can and BINGO!!!




Perhaps I better drink that whole bottle of cider (ok not a 2 litre one, its a pint of vintage) to see if that works then. I don't do medication as a rule.  OH will get in the door and find me paralytic on the floor, or fallen over in my rush to get to the loo to pee and in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

I had a 'similiar problem' and my wife got me some tablets for constipation from the chemist. I'm fine now.