constipation! any ideas! I'm stuck literally!

I’m under the process of a diagnosis but I’m suffering from constipation which strangely isn’t stuck at my bowel end it’s like food gets to my belly but then stops! stools are hard and small I’m taking fibregel twice daily but I’m now starting to get pains in my lower stomach :-/ sorry to be so gross but that’s the only way to be clear.

Hi Pat

I suffer with that from time to time and when I do I take Senna laxatives. My neuro suggested them and they work brilliantly. I was worried I would get the dreaded dia but no. They just make me go “normally”. You can get them over the counter. I got mine from the supermarket.

Good luck.

Shazzie xx


Water! I suspect u need to drink more-small and hard would suggest not drinking enough. Very few of us do.


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Cheers Shazzie I’ll pop and get some anythings worth a try! I was prescribed laxido but I need a new prescription and didn’t really want to be taking that all the time. Regards Patrick. X

Hi Ellie I do try drink plenty but I have trouble with my water works too so I’m quite conscious of that. Regards Patrick. x


I have issues with both and initially didn’t drink enough cos it made me p but it does make à difference. I take 3 senna daily. It’s getting to know your own body! Took me several months-theres not usually a quick fix.


Castor oil capsules? To soften. Senna is a push it out!


Senna it is then! I can’t really eat much more I might pop! :slight_smile: Patrick

You could try a product called oxypowder. It’s an oxygen based colon cleanser and stool softener. I use it 3 times a week to clear me out as due to all the medication I take i need help with my bowels. And the best thing about it is that it’s completely natural. It’s just powdered oxygen! I get mine from a company called the Finchley clinic but you can get it from Amazon too.

Get some movicol from your GP. You can take 1 or 2 daily, or for real impaction, 6 to 8 sachets over a couple of hours. It’ll do the trick but it’s only available on prescription.

If it’s in the bowel, then you could try glycerol suppositories. They are available over the counter in a chemist.

Otherwise, as the others have said, Senna tablets, castor oil capsules, lots of water or try eating a whole load of prunes if you can bear it. I also used to try drinking espresso, a few doubles can help shift things.

Water is good for your waterworks too I know people who are concerned about going frequently and / or urgently end up drinking less because of fear about urgency, but it actually can make that worse too because it makes your urine stronger, and ultimately can end up giving you an infection. Clearing your bowel should help with your bladder too. Sometimes, being constipated makes you wee often, but not enough, ie. it can slow your bladder down too.

The trouble with fibogel is that it swells up and can make things a bit worse if you try taking it to shift impacted poo. Long term, definitely try switching from fibogel to movicol, it works better and if you have a constipation problem you can self treat it. Also, increase the amount of bran fibre in your diet, it’s not just about vegetables, it’s the bran that changes the consistency of your poo. And drink lots and lots of water.

It’s horrible not being able to go, makes you feel terrible. I hope you get things sorted soon.


In an emergency, half a pint of salty water seems to do the trick. Not nice, but does the job… and that’s the main thing.

Really appreciate your reply I’m off to asda soon to get a bundle of bits! I will get on the move again!

My doc gave me LAXIDO softens your stools and works a treat.

Prune juice at night before bed can help me,i quite like it though,also sennacot laxatives are good. i went thru a phase a few month ago when NOTHING helpd me it was as though my bowel had packed in alttogether.


i have only once (touch wood) had it so bad that i was considering going to A & E.

i felt like i’d been poisoned.

my husband saw how distressed i was and brought a can of stella artois to me in the morning.

i hate stella and refused it but he said just get it down your neck as quickly as possible and move nearer to the bathroom.

it worked! and some!

i told my continence nurse and she agreed that stimulants help you to go.

so strong beer, strong coffee etc is worth a try.

good luck

carole x

Hi, I`m an old hand at constipation! Best thing is take laxido in sips of water throughout the day.

It is considered so gentle that for severe impaction, up to 8 sachet a day is advised.

I doubt you`ll need that many hun!

I also find prunes and their juice work well.


just to clarify for you…

laxido and movicol are the same thing…available by prescription only I think.

A lot of folk find fybogel only cause wind and lots of it, with no follow through!


Cheers guys I’ve just got some laxido didn’t realise I could over the counter and I’m eating a bowl of prunes! :slight_smile: I’ve had six sachets at once then I’ll have a couple a day after see how it goes! Thanks again Patrick!

6 sachets should do the trick. If you’ve had no joy (!) after maybe 3 hours, take another 2. The maximum dose over about 6 hours should be 8. Don’t overdo it with hurling everything in the arsenal at it. You don’t want to spend 24 hours crouched over the loo, afraid to move!!

Also, if you’ve had a load of laxido today, (assuming it works) maybe stick to one sachet tomorrow. Otherwise you can end up with diarrhoea. You can always go for two the next day.

Hurrah for Sunday chemists!


Sorry, but you’ve been had.

I smelt a rat as soon as you said it was “just powdered oxygen”, as oxygen does not exist as a solid - at least at the temperatures usually encountered on earth, so certainly can’t come in powdered form.

So I knew it had to be a salt of some other substance.

I checked the ingredients list, and it’s actually magnesium hydroxide. The active ingredient is not the oxygen, but the magnesium - well known for giving you the trots!

It’s better known as…wait for it…milk of magnesia - which, whilst legitimately used as a stomach settler and laxative, is available dirt cheap from any chemist.

My mother always used to have some in the family medicine cupboard, but it didn’t have some fancy name and cost thirty quid.

It’s most often sold as a liquid, but if you’re particularly insistent you must have pills, I think it’s also available as pills or chews, and almost certainly at less than the price you’re paying.

I’m not disputing that it works for you - it probably does, as it’s been known for years. I’m just disputing the price you’re paying, and the pseudo-scientific twaddle around simple milk of magnesia.


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