peristeen part 2

Hi buddies, just had a telephone appointment with my GP. I told her about my bowel problems and Monday`s horrific experience in particular. She asked how many laxido (movicol) I was having a day. I said 1 or 2 or 3 depending on how long it is since my last movement. I told her senna caused me discomfort. I also told her that i have all bran, prune juice, figs and a banana for breakfast.

Then I mentioned Peristeen. She wasnt happy for me to use it. Said shed never heard of it…that surprised me.

Her advice was to have 4 laxidos a day…to drink it throughout the day, as I do water now.

So there you are, guys. No dyno rod for me!

Although, she did say that if I haven`t been by Monday, then a district nurse would come and give me a small enema.

looks like i`m gonna be needing my NHS pads, eh?

luv Pollx

You need to push for this system, it was specifically designed for the neurogenic ie sluggish bowel. Do not take no for an answer! Her ignorance is no excuse, and if she continues to say no ask for a second opinion. Fight the good fight x


sorry-but ur opening sentence made me laugh! “You need to push for this system” i am thinking to myself that i cant push-thats the problem. but having reread i understand that u mean “stick to yer guns” - but thanks for making me giggle!

i am not constipated-normal movements but it did make me wonder how peristeen would cope with constipation? i dunno if the water wouled be able to move the poo along? would that be sore? having a bum full of water on top of the constipated bowel? i cant remember now but i think it is suggested that bowel isnt constipated prior to using peristeen. if i am wrong someone tell me please!

maybe once contents softer poll then u can try peristeen. i hope u can-its a great system.

ellie x

Hi Poll

Why they have to make everything so difficult is beyond me, in fact,

I am lost for words, which as you know, is unusual for me.

What about having a word with ms nurse to see if they could push

it or you (that sounds so wrong, hope you know what I am trying to say).

Take care (((((((((hugs)))))))))))

Pam x

Ha ha, I’ve just noticed my apt word choice! It was designed in the Netherlands with constipation in mind, so it does work for this. If you go to their site there is a short video of a woman with MS who uses it for this purpose. People with the other problem (ie me) then found it could be beneficial to them too, along with people with weak muscle time etc in that area. It’s made to help your problem so you deserve the right to give it a go - and no, I don’t work for them I promise!!

I’m having similar problems - been on Movicol on for ages and am putting off using the Peristeen but it is inevitable really.
However, I was told that you have to have soft poo i.e. not be constipated before you can use it and sadly, I am always constipated despite the Movicol as I can’t push either! S it sits in my bathroom until my continence nurse says to go for it.

It does seem that only continence/MS advisors have heard of it as my GP hadn’t until I told her.

Good luck!


Hi J, it`s a good job we can talk openly about such things, eh? Otherwise how would we learn about things which help others who have the same problem?

I have been this morning. I was doing as GP advised ie drinking diluted movicol instead of water. After my 3rd bottle, I am feeling sick with the stuff. I dilute one sachet to 500ml water. Try it yourself, but if you have any squash to add, then it will be more palatable. I dont have any right now. Its on Mondays shopping list.

So are you saying you have got peristeen, but cant start using it until your stools are softer? How many movicols are u having in a day? 2 of my respondents are saying you can use it if stools are hard. ???

luv Pollx

Hi Twinks, well now I am loose and going! If I still can`t find the happy medium, I will speak to my MS nurse about it. GP did say that too.

luv Pollx

Ta Pam. I have been. So now I am loose! Can`t win.

luv POllx

thanks twinklejelly–i didnt know its initial purpose. i am not the only one that thought best not to use it if constipated. will check out the site and video,thanks again

ellie x