Peristeen, incontinence ... oooh, the glamour

Finally got courage to see MS nurse about bowel continence issues - this is so depressing at age 27 - and after fannying about unsuccessfully with plugs and suppositories and imodium and all the usual paraphenalia people here may well have experienced I'm looking into Peristeen. I know people use it successfully for constipation but does anyone have experience of using it for this opposite problem and, more importantly, are you willing to tell me and the world if it helped? I work full time and am fed up of being desperately anxious re the loo all the time


Any experiences welcomed! G


I use Peristeen. Am not constipated-movements all soft/normal but the effort involved and time spent in loo trying to move bowels then u would think that I was. I feel very slowed up inside without the constipation.

I was incontinent regularly (twice weekly) for over 6 months. I would get horrendous pain and then just lose control-I assume some sort of spasm. Final straw when there was no pain and bowels just opened. (so in a way the spasm gave me 20 seconds or so to get to the loo-ok if at home) So I had got to the stage that I wasnt going out-doing what I usually did-difficult with 4 kids!

So-to reassure you-Peristeen is the best thing for me. Life is no longer controlled by my silly bowel as I am now back in full control.

I wish you all the best and hope its as successful for you as it is myself and some others on here.

Ellie x

Yes I use it for severe and unpredictable diarrhoes.  I combine it with Imodium liquid (prescription only - far easier to ontrol dose than tabs and safer long term) to control everything.  That combination works OK for me - I could not manage without my Imodium though as Peristeen alone would not be enough to control things and did have acident when no Imodium even though I had used Peristeen.


Peristeen has been great since I started to use it 5 months ago, I have had one accident but I was still using 2 sachets of movicol a day at the time but have since reduced that to 1 sachet and it's much better. I still get worried that I might have an accident but I think that's psychological because I've been so used to the uncontrolable nature of my bowels. I suffer from both constipation and incontinence and as Ellie said when you've got children to look after and a job to do you don't need accidents on top. I wouldn't want to go without peristeen now, it's helped so much and I use it daily, now it probably only takes 15 minutes in the morning, much better than never knowing when you need to go! MS is cr*p and I am only 31 so I know how you feel being young and not in control. 

Good luck, it's worth the effort.


Thanks chaps - not glad you have this problem but glad you shared, I felt like such a failure when this started happening (silly I know, not our fault but I’d look at our cat and think ‘even he’s housetrained!’). I thought I’d never be able to leave the house again, so I’m glad there’s hope and y’all lead busy lives! High hopes for persistent, prob in combo with imodium liquid. Fingers crossed!
Ginny x