So ok this is the third time I have written this post. First one was eaten by site maintenance last night and this morning it magically disappeared int cyber space!!! Be warned it will be long and yucky. Bowels - incontinence- bunged myself up good and proper with loperamide and then codeine altering doses to try to get a fix. Couldn’t stand discomfort of constipation so stopped. Now incontinence in aldi - embarrassing and humiliating. Luckily??? I was wearing ncontinence pants- sixth sense - otherwise my rather runny poo would have been all over the floor. As it was I absolutely stank. Back in car sitting in my poo in my knickers . Amazingly I got to work and cleaned myself up without anyone smelling me. GP prescribed laxido - I have a bowel blockage and am having overflow. 8 days of laxatives and still hasn’t shifted. Lovely district nurse visited me at home. She is going to put a special case forward to chief exec for prescription of incontinence pants citing it is for my mental health needs. Yes I know I can buy them and have. I’m wearing a rather elegant sexy pair now!!! But ms is so damn expensive anyway. Lovely ms nurse with 6 years continence experience also visited me at home. Conclusion is anal NO NO NO the very trendy colonic irrigation is the way to go. I am trying to be very positive about it and relate it to how isc initially I was horrified at but now I think it is great and has given my life back of not constantly searching for toilets … So CI is going to givr me control of my bowels so I can go out without being frightened of pooing myself in public places. La la la la la - this is the commercial break go make a cup of tea lol!!! So now the questions - is it easy? Does it hurt? How long does it take? How many times a week? Is it very messy? Flying - hold baggage with fear of loosing it or hand luggage with fear of security embarrassment? I have watched utube video on it but a real life perspective I find better Now the kit has just been delivered. Tempting to have a go. But colplast company very insistent to ms nurse that I have supervision - yuk - lovely ms nurse says she will show me how to put it together then if I like I’m on my own for the first time. So I will be good and wait for her to visit. My ms nurse is a gem - I called her Friday 4.30 saying that I was really worried laxatives not working and worried that my bowel would burst. She calmed me down saying no bowel would not burst. Could go to hospital. Would probably have to fight for X-ray. Yes could identify position of blockage but really no point as treatment would be the same. Also not totally blocked as still farting and passing a ver runny poo. She did also advise me if I got worse yes should go to hospital ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH MIN you have gone on for far too long and there was only one advert break! Thanks for reading and any tips would be greatly appreciated Here’s hoping this post doesn’t get eaten- third time luck! Hugs Min xx

Peristeen isn’t too much trouble - and I wasn’t ‘supervised’ for my first time, just shown how to use and then I said I could take it from there! Only issue I have with it sometimes is I don’t manage to get much water in before I feel the really pressing need to empty, in which case I just do it again. I also use loperamide syrup (has to be prescribed) because it’s easier to obtain a lower dose with this - it bungs me up just enough to avoid runny poo incidents but not too much to get blockages. Not had any accidents since I started this regime, sometimes wear the pants if I’m feeling extra paranoid, just in case! Just need to play around til you find what works for you Good luck, G :slight_smile:

my 30 year old nephew and his gorgeous mrs have colonic irrigation. he’s into his boxing and she’s into looking glam. they both swear by it.

so min, looks like you’re joining the beautiful people!

carole x


using peristeen for 6 months. recent relapse for 6 months i cant do it. so nurse from surgery in to do it x2 weekly.

i wasnt supervised on starting. great product!

ellie x


l think this is the worst part of our condition. l am never constiptated my problem is the other way - so l do take loperamide and codiene phosphate to try to bung me up a bit. l started using a peristeen about 4yrs ago. l just rang the coloplast number - and they very quickly sorted me out with one. lt is a bit daunting to use at first - but like everything you soon get expert at it. But it will give you back control of your bowels. Let you go when you want to -and not when they want. At first l used it every day then gradually less often. At the moment l am so much better that l only use it if l have to be out of the house early morning.My best tip when using a peristeen is to push the cath in as far as you can and hold it in position whilst pumping in the air and then the water. This way it is more comfortable and less likely for the balloon to burst and come out.

l have been taking a high dose vitd3 for some years - and probiotic acidophillus. And l think this has calmed down my insides.

Also l try not to eat any grain/flour - so no bread/cakes etc. Vitd3 deficiency is linked to crohns/lBS/coeliac as well as many other conditions.


Thanks so much for your positive replies. Ms nurse visiting tomorrow to help me set it up. Not as many replies to my post so I’m guessing not many people are using this system Thanks Min xx I am expecting to loose at least 1/2 stone after I am cleared out. Lol


You’ll be surprised how many folk do use the Peristeen Kit. lts not just pwms who need this type of help. Lots of paralympic athletes also use it. Yes you will find you’ll lose a few pounds - might need a few attempts before you are completely clear.

pm me if you need any ‘tips’ - but l am sure you will soon be an expert!!!


Hi Min Just wanted to wish you luck and hope this makes a massive difference to your life. I hope it enables you to go out without the fear of an accident and helps you to relax more about your bowel problems. Let us know how you get on. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa - thanks for asking. I am in a state over peristeen. It is a horrible thing to do. Done 3 times today since 4 pm. Yes I guess it is becoming easier. Still feel blockage isn’t cleared and how will I know when it is? But what I am finding very hard to come to terms with - so is that it for life will my bowels never work normally again and I’ll have to do this several times a week for life? So upset Min xx