Faecel incontinence

Yes just wanted to share. I pooed in my pants today. A very nice sloppy bristol 5. Made it to the bathroom. None on the floor just lots in my pants. Cleaned loo. Supportive as my hubby is it wasn’t clean enough for him!!! His problem is he’s never had to cope with living away from home in student digs. This is where you can come across unsavoury hygeine. My loo cleaning effort was pretty good in comparison to some I have seen in student years. Isn’t it odd how I can just post on here about pooling my pants??? But I just needed to share and I know some of you will have been there too I can’t be the only one!!! Hugs Smelly Min!!! Xxxx - no I did shower after

Hi , This is my first time on any forum so please bare with me ,I’m clutching at straws really my lack of diagnosis is getting me down and I need to know if anyone can help me. I’ve been poorly with 2 prolapsed discs since a car accident in 1994 but I always thought I had more than that ,I went through the obligatory injections for lower back treatment and even had a nerve block when this was being done the pain was horrendous . The neurologist who was doing it had to stop and he said something was wrong because he was only in my muscle and I should see someone else they said I had neurogenic claudication my next specialist said I had multi level arthritis and I was self injecting with methatrixate . Nothing changed I was having days were I could barely walk then I was fine I had bad dizzy spells and unbelievable bad headaches then I would wake up trembling still no one could say what was wrong. Eventually I paid for a MRI on my thoracic area because I always felt not quite right there it showed some demelynation so they got me a brain scan that showed a small lesion as well . The next thing was a LP which was positive for bands but after all that I still don’t have a diagnosis and now I’m getting pins and needles in my feet and over my left shoulder blade. Please can anyone help its soul destroying my doc says we may never find out what’s wrong . Regards mark. Sorry it’s long winded folks

Nope you’re not alone its one of the symptoms that took me to the gp and asked for a referral to neuro after I soiled myself twice and actually was unaware I’d done it. Various other symptoms too . I am in limbo though after clear mri

hello love. You do right to come on here and share your problems. I know what that`s like…yes, it is humiliating, embarrassing, soul destroying


it happens to many of us, every day sometimes. If you think it might be a regular thing, use pads, which cover all eventualities.

The one thing I can feel good about, is that sitting in a wheelchair, no-one can see what`s going on underneath me!

luv Pollx

Hey Smelly Min!

Yup, I’ve been there too. My eldest was having his usual ‘extended shower’ and there was nothing I could do but go outside (luckily I’m not overlooked by next door!) and poo in my pants ‘when you godda go, you godda go’.

I still have the occasional ‘slippage’ but I’m glad you’re seeing the humour in the situation hun. I’d definitely ask your GP to refer you to the continence clinic though. They’re very nice (in my experience) and I know that it can be a worry.

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Thanks everyone. Mags you made me laugh I didn’t realise my smell travelled that far!!!- yes gotta go when gotta go but it just so yucky and smelly. Yes continence clinic fab and my MS nurse with continence background great too. Been on every tablet, enema and potion going. I just think the tricky bit is finding what works best for you. Then realising this might change depending upon things like stress. It’s just such a bore that my life and mood is affected by my bowels. AND I didn’t appreciate them working properly pre MS. Now sweet smelling Min

Hey Poll and Polar Bear - how rude of me. I didn’t mean to your replies. They were read with interest thank you. Poll I’ll go out in my lovely sexy special incontinent pants if I think my bowels are going to misbehave. This was very sensible when they did a massive Bristol 6 in Aldi!!! Boy I really did stink then. Thanks again Min xx

Its happened to me too Min. I went to the toilet for a wee…I have problems with urinary incontinence so wears pads. I’d had my bowels opened and not even realised it. Thankfully its only happened a couple of times and both times I’ve been at home.

It worries me that it may happen when I’m out.

Oh sweetest Min…

I really didn’t appreciate my bowel function until last year, when I had steroids. I’d had a few ‘episodes’ where my Tenna overthroweth, but no problems with constipation until then, so it was quite frightening. Apparently we can go for a VERY long time without going (or exploding apparently). Luckily, I’ve found that a couple of glasses of wine helps me with constipation. The unexpected stuff is more…unexpected, so I don’t tend to go out until I’ve gone (if that makes sense?)

M xx

Do you know what guys…I was recently told that the dear old Queen Mum had an spc and wee wee bag…and possibly needed tena type pants too for t`other end. Well when you think, her innards were over 100 years old

So see, we are in good company.

Even the present queen gets wind, yknow. Apologise maam.


Hi, I can relate you you, either i’ve had a bug covering the last 12 days, my MS was playing up or I was eating the wrong things. Being referred by the MS nurse to the Continence Team. I think it could be my spine lesions causing me the same - pooing pellets in my pants before getting to the toilet and I was rushing to the toilet too at home. Its causing me to think I only want to go out of the house when I have had a bowel movement. I had no problems with bowel movements before my first MS relapse in Feb this year and the the oral steriods resulting in the most awful constipation. Take care of yourself Hxx

hi min

the bit about pooing in aldi made me smile because i once did a full wee in aldi!

maybe the staff in there should be on danger money eh?

carole x

Yes Poll,

We are in good company - our SPC’s have a Royal Warrant - My old aunt had a SPC - and she proudly told me when l had to have mine that the Good Old Queen Mum had one. l expect Prince Phillip is catheterised after all his problems. They stand for ages at these ceremonies. Never seen them making a dash for the exit.

Many people find the Peristeen system makes their lives so much easier. Empty your bowels when you want - not when they want to.

Not tried the Tena Pants - they sound a good idea when out - especially as you can ‘tear’ them to get them off.

You are ALL NOT ALONE - we [well most of us] have all been there and done it.

oh my goodness I’m glad I’m not alone.

I have more bowel mishapps than bladder but have had both.

When I was able to drive I had a bowel mishap on a date… & i had to tell him too because I’d picked him up from the train station & there were no toilets anywhere, I asked at the station & they said they are on the platform grrrr I had to drive home (1/2 hour) with him in the car & the windows wide open, got home & had a shower. I was so embarrassed.

Now I can’t drive & 2 days ago I was waiting at the bus stop to get to work & the bubbles started going & I’m like ‘oh god not now!’

needless to say I had to walk home as fast as possible (which was a big effort) to get to the toilet so I missed the bus & had to get a taxi to work costing £8.20

My neurologist has said he will refer me to whoever it is that can help (the poo police?) but so far nothing

Hey Pip Unfortunately we are members of an elite group which unfortunately we can’t leave. What I suggest you do is phone your local big hospital and asked to be put through to the continence clinic- then ask for an appointment with a continence nurse. This is a self referral which they should accept and will be quicker than waiting for your neuro. Good luck Min xx