A bit weird!!

Hi all

sorry for posting this anon, but it’s a bit “delicate” For some time now I’ve been having problems with my bowels. I have had a few accidents luckily while at home! I get a sudden desperate need to go to the toilet with really runny stools. sorry for being so graphic.

I’m on meds for leaky bladder is there something I can do for my bowels?

Also wanted to ask if anyone has experienced the following: The left cheek of my bum and all the way around the front up into the left side of my “girly bits” (sorry don’t kow how else to put it!) sometimes get really numb as if I’ve been sitting down for too long.

Am I going mad or is this just another weiedness of ms?


Hi I’ve not had the bowl issues but have had the numbness on my right bum cheek. It was very odd, at times I had to check that I hadn’t messed myself. My went after about 2 weeks Lorna xx

Hi Anon.

I’ve had the same problem a few times (luckily I was at home too) but it did go away again. It’s made me very reluctant to go out unless I’ve ‘been’. I hope it’s just part of the overall ‘weirdness’, but it may be worth contacting your MS Nurse and asking for advice, they may refer you back to the continence clinic. I’m not sure what else is available tbh, so I hope someone comes along who can give you more info.

Mags xx