Bowel issues

Hi all

First off, sorry for going anon. Just a little embarrased, as no doubt many of us are concerning our toilet habits!

Anyway, just after a bit of advice.

I have recently got the feeling of constantly wanting to open my bowels.

I am not constipated and dont really need to go. So am constantly fighting my brain and trying to say no,

else I would always be in the bathroom.

What I am asking is, do I just go along with the feeling and hope that it passes, or is it, or could be, a sign of

things begining to go a bit haywire down there and I need to mention it to my ms nurse.


hi anon

have you got a continence nurse?

if not, ask for a referral or you can self refer to the bowel and bladder clinic.

these people have seen and heard it all before and they can give the best advice.

ain’t it mad the way we dicuss our poo freely?

or are we turning into gillian mckeith?

carole x

Hello anon,

Does sound like one of my ms symptoms. Was told by neuro its called “tenesmus”, the feeling of needing to empty when you don’t.

Its so hard trying to live a normal life when your brain is telling you that you need the loo from the moment you wake-up, to the moment you fall asleep.

If this is what you have and if its caused by your ms, their are many medications that help/ ease the feeling. So lots of help out there.

Best of luck