Bowel question

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted for ages but I have a question. When my MS symptoms are playing up I have a problem with my bowels they seem to want to empty without much notice (have to run) and it is like, sorry about this, oxtail soup. This happens until I definitely have nothing left. There is no pain but happens every few days. Don’t feel unwell and no weight loss, spoken to the doctor and MS nurses who do agree that its MS related but just wondered if anyone else suffers this inconvenient symptom.

go to the bladder and bowel clinic.

the nurses there are fantastic.

no idea how they manage to do it but i felt no embarrassment at all.

they can give you a med for this.

you can self refer or ask your gp to refer you.

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Has become much more of a problem for me lately and sometimes I dont feel like I get proper sensation as to the fullness of the bowel. I bought something called a bulb syringe to add water to the bowel to make sure it completely empties every morning or when I know I might have to go some time without access to a loo and there is a risk of being caught short. I am certain it has saved me great embarrassment