bowel issues!

Hello lovely people, hope you are as well as possible.

This might be a bit yucky cos it’s about bowel stuff. Basically, my bowels are driving me mad. It is very difficult for me to go and i dread it when I need to go, as it’s so hard, but the strange thing is that my stools are actually really soft and it’s hard to clean. It’s like my muscles don’t work to push it out anymore. I also get tummy ache an awful lot and a feeling of not being empty. I have told my doctor this, but they just say it’s constipation, but i know it isn’t. Am going to try and contact the continence nurse to say if she can help. Does anyone else have any suggestions? thanks, and sorry it’s yucky lol. love Bex xxx

I don’t have any suggestions but I do know exactly what you mean. My MS Nurse tells me it’s constipation, like you I know it isn’t i have suffered with constipation on and off most of my life and this is different. I do try to drink plenty of water even though I’m not sure it helps, it certainly can’t harm to be well hydrated.

Best of luck finding a solution.

Jan x

Hi i know the feeling too well. Going to continence nurse is best place they will give you suggestions can’t think of name for things you stick up there. These didn’t work for me and now use a system called qufora which I hated the sound off but does help. They will work with you to help find what works for you. I was exactly the same just couldn’t get it out and it was soft. MS makes us talk about yucky stuff but don’t worry on here. Barney


Definitely a great idea to contact the continence nurse.

Is it your gp you are referring to? He/she is wrong to say it is all due to constipation without going through the basic checks/tests unless they have some special gifts, only known to them. Reading what you have written, tells me it needs further investigation.

I am not for one minute suggesting it is anything serious, just feel like you that the problem is more than constipation.

Do let us know how you get on.


I had the same problem and I have been to an incontinence nurse, she gave me a page and told me to write down every time I went to the toilet and what my stool was like, and as far as the constipation she prescribed these little sachets of powder to mix with water and it helps you go more but the problem with that was that it upset my stomach so I dont take it anymore, my bowels only move like once a week which I know is not good for you, its not easy to talk to people about the toilet side of MS and it is the most difficult part to deal with for me

Thanks people, at least I know i’m not alone with this lol. I have just phoned the continence nurse, just got to wait for a call back and see what she says xxx

Right, here is an update. The continence nurse just rang me back, She is going to see me in clinic to discuss using the qufora mini system to help empty my bowel. Sounds like it could be a good solution for me xxx

Excellent news…good luck to you.

Let us know how you get on.​


That is good news folksongs, I was going to suggest writing a diary but it sounds like you are getting some where.

Wendy x

Great news, as blossom says let us know how you get on, we want a blow by blow account

Jan x