A bit delicate... bowels?

Hi, over past couple of weeks started to have real difficulty doing poos Definately not constipated, just can’t seem to get them out, even when I have urgency. Stools are normal though. Feels like that part of my body just doesn’t have any strenght anymore? Anyone get anything similar, what could be the cause? xxx

You can still be constipated and have normal looking poo. Are you getting plenty of fibre in your diet? Drinking lots of fluid?

If you’re still having problems going I’d recommend lactulose. You can buy it over the counter in any chemist. Just not suitable if you’re diabetic. If problems still occur after using that and bowels aren’t responding I’d see the dr.

I know constipation can be a sign of MS but treating it is still the same regardless of cause (unless something serious like bowel obstruction, etc).

I get IBS symptoms where I won’t go for a few days, then I do go two/3 times in one day and then it’s loose/diarrhea and back round again. And my poos look normal I just can’t seem to get it out.

I never though I’d be on a forum talking about my poo lol! Incase you’re wondering my job is working in a chemist so that’s why I know this lol

Take care

Tsuki xx

Hi Bunny, I know what you mean hun.

I lost the ability to push both stools and wind out voluntarily. Even when I get the urge to go, I still have to let it pass by itself. Sometimes, I dont know exactly when i`ve finished and then there is a mess to clean up.

Have you been diagnosed with MS?

Perhaps you could speak to your GP about this.

try not to be embarrassed,as docs hear this type of thing all the time.

Please dont suffer in silence, when it can be helped.


Thanks guys. Poll, not diagnosed with MS yet, have degenerative disc disease, hemaplegic migraine aura and vestibular condition. Seeing ENT surgeon on Thurs as I will prob need surgery for vestibilar condition, via my brain,eek!, but having another MRI and CT scan first so if any changes in lesions may indicate MS. Kinda don’t care what it is now, sorry if that sounds flippant and niaive, just want help!!! tsuki thanks for the meds tip, i will give it a try, i drink water all day every day so not lacking in fluid but guess my fibre intake could be better. just another one of those horrible symptoms sent to try us xxx

Know how you feel its a pain in the arse (lol). I was only having my bowels open 2 maybe 3 times a week but normal so increased fibre etc and now going daily but as you say hard to go. I drink loads too. Also un diagnosed waiting mri results and follow up. Axx

All I can say it bran flakes, bran flakes, bran flakes. They do wonders, start out with two bowls a day and decrease to one. Good luck! lol

Tsuki xx

Hi Bunny!

Also be aware that if it’s MS then any nerve or muscle in the body can be affected. And at the end of the day the bowel is one big muscle with lots of nerves!

If this is the case then no amount of dietary aids will help - in fact they may hinder and compact you up even further!

It could be simple constipation but to be sure I would see your GP for advice xxxjenxxx

Does anyone else go to the loo for a wee and end up doing a pooh without realising it? I’ve had this a few times now. Just ‘rabbit droppings’ really but now I’m extra careful when wiping! Also, sometimes I’m not aware when I’m done. I’m pushing as it feels like my bowel is open but nothing happens. As you say, Jen, one big muscle with lots of nerves. Wish I knew what mine was up to! It varies from day to day. I’m more aware of my diet since I had a lingering bout of constipation and felt as if I was wearing a tight belt too high up - that led to an ultrasound of my bowels (and liver, I think) but they said there was nothing wrong.

I’ve had diaorreah and constipation. It starts with constipation and not going to the point where I sit for 20 mins and try to go (v unlike me) and manage to do a little- this is to stop things backing up and keep somewhat regular. This can then kickstrart and i might then go 3/4 times after diorreah or i could be okay. Or it might get backed up (soz too much info) until my stomach hurts and then I feel I need to go but constipated and can’t push it out (not hard though). I’ve woken up and had to go 4-5 times lots in night when really bad and stomach feels so tight.

Sorry lots of info but it’s a horrid issue to have - I can’t feel when I wipe my but either.



hi bunny

i was dx in 2008 and thought i’d got my head round this ms malarkey but then i got really constipated, horribly so.

i was taking movicol and also sennakot (not reccommended by doctor) and was utterly miserable for at least a week.

then the cat needed to go to the vet and i needed to drive her there.

my son came with me luckily.

by the time i’d parked the car at the vets i was having cold sweats so i knew it was about to happen.

my son took the cat in whilst i squirmed in the car.

as soon as they got back in the car it happened.

i was mortified, horrified and very upset.

i was thus incontinent for the whole of the next day.

i went to my gp and told him what had happened. it was blockage and overflow.

its these things that make ms so horrible. dignity gone, continence gone.

it all went back to normal (ish) in the end.

hope you get some relief soon

i started having all bran with fresh figs for breakfast

also a banana helps

carole x