bit embarrassing sorry

Hi, everyone, I’m still waiting for a diagnosis but just wondered it anyone else suffers from severe constipation whenever symptoms arise…my biggest one being weak shaking, twitching legs…Whenever my legs decide to stop working so does my ability to go to the bathroom. I have to take copious amounts of laxatives just to be able to feel even slightly normal…Does anyone else suffer with this and if so could I have some advice on how to deal please. Thanks in advance for any advice or comments. I have to agree with everyone else on this site I couldn’t have coped this past year or so without everyone on here for help and advice. Deb x

Hi Deb. Unfortunately, this happens to quite a lot of MSers. There are a few possible causes, but if it happens to you when your legs are weak, then it’ll be because the muscles aren’t working sufficiently strongly to push everything out. There are two popular options that I know of: movicol (it’s a sachet you make up into a drink) and lactulose (another liquid, but already prepared). Take every day. If you are really bunged up, then you might need more than one dose a day to begin with. It’s worth dealing with it asap because constipation is the leading cause of bowel incontinence in MSers: stuff “leaks” round the outside of the blockage and it’s impossible to hold in. You can get a prescription for movicol and for lactulose, but you can also buy lactulose over the counter in the chemist. There are other things too (e.g. suppositories) - best ask a GP. It’s a surprisingly common problem in lots of conditions, and a common side effect of some meds (e.g. codeine), so don’t be embarassed - the GP will deal with it loads! Karen x

Hi Karen, Thanks for the reply, I will take a trip to the chemist tomorrow morning xx

Hi, My name is Clare and I get constipated. I get lactulose and occasionally resort to senna. Please tell your GP, they hear bout worse than poo all day long, they’re not phased by it a jot! Clarexxx

Thanks Clare lol xx

Hi Deb, I actually suffer the same as you do, when I get all the pain in the muscles in my legs I also get really constipated. I sometimes take painkillers which have codeine in them and I’m sure this doesn’t help. I take 1 sachet of movicol every night and my GP prescribes them for me. they can be expensive over the counter!! The sachet’s of movicol or similar products don’t work quickly like a suppository, they are more natural and work over time, hence, you need to keep taking them every day. take care Millie x