constipation & sore legs

Warning: Toilet discussion you might not want to read…

Slightly odd thing to say, but I recently discovered that I’ve been consitpated for the last year. A year ago, I had flu followed by a month of fatigue and leg issues. During this period I went from being a twice a day girl, to being a twice/three times a week girl. I’d been ill & thought that things would sort themselves out.

I’m a vegetarian, with a high fibre diet, and have never been constipated. I’ve always imagined consitpation to involve difficulty getting it out & the result looking like rabbit droppings. The new version of me just doesn’t get any urge to go, and when I do it’s large, toilet blocking things that come out, that are messy to clean off, and sometimes don’t seem to come out completely (really sorry about this).

So, mentioned this to GP a couple of weeks ago, as part of my ‘is this normal, or is it a symptom?’ phase. She said that it’s not normal, it’s consitpation as my bowel is working too slowly. I tried upping my fibre by eating more prunes etc, but that made it worse. GP then prescribed sodium picosulfate and told me to come back in 3 weeks.

I have been through hell with this stuff. It does help, but after a couple of days I get terrible diarrhoea. I’ve tried 1 teaspoon a day, 1/2 teaspoon a day, taking it every other day, etc but it seems to either not work at all, or work too effectively & I’ve pooped myself. I’m now giving myself a breather from it, before I go back and see her.

So, two questions (actually 3, but I’ll come on to that in a mo!):

  1. Is this sort of constipation caused by a neurological problem? I know ms & peripheral neuropathy can cause constipation, but I imagine it being the ‘difficult to get it out’ type.

  2. Any hints or tips on how to handle it naturally, if adding more fibre just makes it worse (bigger & no more frequent).

Third question is to do with my legs. My tendons at the front of my shins/ankles really hurt. I haven’t done any exercise except walking the dog. I’m fairly sure that it isn’t normal for this to just happen, but I don’t know if there is something else going on with me - I go through ankle rolling phases, and weak wrist phases but can’t figure out why. So,

  1. Has anyone else ever experienced phases where specific joints become weak, or tendons become irritated without reason and with no swelling?



Hi, I suffer with constipation too. I am immobile and my bowel muscles are very poor. I take laxido/movico. A not too badly tasting powder, you mix it with water.

I used to take half but now need a full sachet…occssionally I take 2. It is safe to take up to 8 in a day,for severe impaction!

Thy dont cause me loose stools…but a soft-ish consistency, which passes quite easily.

Sorry, but I cant answer your other questions, but I`m sure someone else will.



I sympathise with you. I have been a vegetarian since about 1975 and had no trouble because of the high fibre content of my diet. Regrettably the MS put paid to that. Despite continuing with the high fibre diet I still have to take two sachets a day of Laxido. Even then I have the occasional uncomfortable day without being able to go.

With regard to your other question, my right knee has been getting weaker and stiffer over the past two years and is generally painful. I have been diagnosed with PPMS therefore I have accredited the problem with my knee, and my right side, to MS.

Best wishes


I have exactly the same issue as you Paula. I can’t either go or then the have to rush to go. I’ve tried so many different meds that just don’t work. Laxido does nothing, Senna does nothing, docusate does nothing. Bisacodyl works if I take two at night but I’m left with terrible stomach cramps/spasms through the night. I can go six days without going before taking drastic measures. It’s not nice is it?

Thanks Poll. Will ask gp about laxido.

Thanks Alun. Its strange isn’t it, just pain & stiffness, but no swelling or injury.

No, not nice. I guess I’ll just have to keep experimenting, & find what works for me.

Back from GP. Different one this time. She said she only prescribes sodium picosulfate if someone needs their system completely clearing! Going to give things a couple of weeks to settle down and then she said we’ll try laxido or movicol, and figure out what will work best. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the sodium picosulfate will have shocked my poor guts back into action!