What should I do?

Hi a bit of help and advice please,

I don’t have a formal diagnosis but I’m not far off. I have all the usual symptoms slow onset over years then since November more quickly but for the last two or three days I’ve got a lot worse and am wondering if I may need to take to my bed. I feel cold, feet hurt legs are numb, I feel sick and am really constipated. I thought I might have PPMS but am I suffering a relapse. I’m 63? If so what should I do fight it or go to bed? Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello There’s nothing wrong with having a duvet day or two :wink: Is your doctor up to date with your symptoms? You say your constipated, so keep well hydrated. I’m primary progressive…my Neuro said I could have a relapse…I don’t know if you are having one. If you need to, see your gp after the bank holiday. Happy Easter :slight_smile:

I can’t comment on the relapse, but for the constipation I second Blossom’s advice to drink plenty. I also find spicy food or a packet of licquorice allsorts get things moving. The feeling sick could be a result of the constipation - I get that sometimes.

I’d go to bed but have a bucket within reach (just in case). Have a lazy day or two keeping warm in bed and see what happens. If you are no better by Tuesday, contact your GP.

I had to go to bed early in the end, still tomorrow is another day. I suppose time will tell how I should deal with this condition. Thanks for your advice goodnight. J

orange juice is really good for this, as is honey xx