This is linking in with Hils recent horrendous post on bowels. I just wanted to be more specific about peristeen. Awful bowels. Bunged myself up with loperamide a few months ago despite lowering dosage. Never really worked and hated constipation discomfort. Codeine didn’t work either. So moving onto the humiliation and embarrassment of bowels opening in aldi. By some sixth sense that something was amiss I was wearing incontinence pads or else poo would have been all over the floor. But boy did I stink. Treatment laxido as I have a bowel blockage and this is overflow. Laxatives 8 days and still blocked. Lovely district nurse came to visit me at home. GP practice won’t prescribe incontinence pants. Yes I know I can buy them but I already spend enough on this bloody disease. She is going to put in special case to chief exec for me citing they are necessary to preserve my mental health. Lovely ms nurse came to visit me at home as well. She told me about peristeen, anal irrigation. No no no in my head it is the very trendy colonic irrigation. Not very happy about the prospect. But I have no choice I need to use thus gear to empty my bowels so I can go out in public without fear of pooing myself. My questions are: is it easy? Is it very messy? How many times a week? Flying hold baggage might get lost - hand luggage embarrassment of security??? Finally promise it has been a long read sorry. Friday at 4.15 I decided I needed to go to hospital as was frightened that my bowel would burst!!! Instead phoned lovely ms nurse who calmed me down saying no your bowel will not burst. All they could do inhospital is probably X-ray which you might have to fight for. That would identify wher blockage was but treatment would be the same. So what would be the point??? Also as I am still passing ok very runny poo and farting - no vomiting I am not totally blocked. Hope you aren’t eating your breakfast. Peristeen just arrived by parcel force. Now min you have to be good and wait for ms nurse to visit. She has agreed that she will just show me how to put it together and I can do it by myself without the embarrassment of having her present. Looked on u tube to see how it’s done. ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH MIN YOU REALLY HAVE TO STOP NOW Thanks for reading and advice and tips gratefully received Hugs Min xx