Hi guys, its me again, banging on about constipation, Im afraid.

That horrendous episode of mine was on Monday. Tuesday I went ok, not been yesterday or so far today…feeling uncomfortable again.

Now I am reading up on peristeen. I know quite a lot of you use the system. Can you answer a few questions on it for me, please?

I read you should have an examination before using peristeen, incase of any nasty bowel desease. What was that like?

Do you get it on prescription.?

I read it should be used daily, or every other day. How often do you use it?

Is it difficult to do by yourself?

My carer said she`d do it if she was shown how first.

Thanks guys.

luv POlllx


i never had a exam.

yes-needs prescribed.

i use x2 weekly.

i havent been able to do it self for past 9 weeks due to horrendous relapse.

nurses have been doing it recently.

we are all different. twice a week is enough for me.

carers will have no problem using it. my mums friend done if for me-had no training except being told by me!

ellie x

Cheers Ellie, that is very helpful. 9 weeks into a relapse,…poor you. Hope it chuffs off soon and you can feel better hun.

luv Pollx

Dear Poll I have Secondary Progressive and virtually no mobility. I have used peristeen for 2yrs now. It changed my life as I was afraid to go out on case I needed the loo urgently!!! The examination I had only took a few minutes. You get it on prescription which is easy as just ring up when ready for new catheters. Once the water bag is filled you just have to be able to attach the catheter and insert it. I manage myself although your carer would have no problem, I have heard that Debbie Purdys’ carer uses it. I use it every other day and it certainly gives me peace of mind when out that I won’t have a nasty accident!!! The things we have to do…;( Good Luck if you go for it Poll. Love Linda

Hi Poll, sorry I can’t help but hope you get some answers. When do you get the results from your lp? Much love. Karen xxx

Hi karen, my next appointment with a neuro is 17th October. Hopefully I will have had the results by then, or I won`t be too chuffed!

Yes, I`ve had some good replies re peristeen. Gonna speak to gp about it in an hour.

luv Pollx

Cheers Linda. GP is ringing me at 4pm. I will ask for it.

luv Pollx