Hi guys, got a bit of a gross question here

Hello all. Long time no speak, I hope you’re all doing well :slight_smile: I went to a&e as a precaution yesterday after not having a bowel movement for 5 days. My fault as I know MS causes bowels to move slow and I stupidly scoffed a large pizza on Saturday. So anyway they said a have a fecal impaction and suggested I take 8 sachets of Movicol today which I am currently in the process of doing. It tastes vile and is making me nauseous. My question is, has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone tried Movicol and if so how long did it take to work? Thanks guys

Can’t tell you how long it will take to work as I haven’t had your current problem but I do take Movicol regularly. Once I’ve mixed it with water I put a slug of undiluted orange squash in mine to make it taste better.

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Yeah I’m thinking it’s time to get some squash. It’s the nastiest stuff I’ve ever tasted

Hello Dave, I regularly go five days without a movement then might have a couple of days on the run. (Lots of pun potential in that statement.) While it is not ideal, it’s certainly better than it used to be.

Quite a few people, including me are incorporating linseeds into our daily diet which has meant a significant improvement on my part. I’ve also used sennacot with varied results. That Movicol sounds a it gruesome. Is it worse than a spoonful of cod liver oil?

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hi Steve. I was a regular member of the 5 day club but didn’t mind as day 5 was always D-day so to speak. Somewhere along the line that seems to have gone a bit awry. I was in hospital last month for the same thing and they gave me lactulose which worked a treat. But this stuff is indeed nasty. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t feel like drinking really smooth salty water! I’ll try the linseed in food and the last time I had cod liver oil was in a capsule. I don’t have the stones to try it without :wink:

I find drinking a cup of warm boiled water 1st thing on a morning helps me, and also drinking prune juice each day when i am bad,

i hate movicol too, i would rather take dulcoease capsules rather than movicol,they work the same as movicol,but you just take from 3 to as many you need in a day,i get mine from amazon,and get the generic version(that way you dont pay for the brand name)

dont you just love MS NOT

Try Fybogel. It comes in orange and lemon flavours to disguise the taste.

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A couple of years ago I didn’t go for 10 days. GP sent me to A & E for an X-ray . Doctor told me to take 8 Movicol all at once . Huge success after three hours.

Now take two Laxido powders (like Movicol) and one Fybogel daily. Works well, although sometimes use a suppository to ‘get going’.

When I was impacted I passed clear water with no solid matter. Frightning! Doctor at hospital said not to worry. The bowel collects water and has to get rid of it.

I don’t have problems in this area, but I eat a lot of vegetables and dried fruit. Linseed is also excellent for the bowel. I think what many people tend to forget is that hydration is SO important - it’s no use eating fibre if you don’t drink plenty.

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Hi Dave, oh yes, I know ony too well what constipation is like. The longest I have ever not gone is 8 days.

I take mvicol everday day, but still need lots of greens and fruit. Prunes help a lot.

Movicol is safe to take in high quantities, but try to drink it in good swigs throughout the day to shift that impaction.

Poor you!


Hi Dave, how rotten for you.

I find one thing that works for constipation and then my body gets used to it and I have to try something else. I’ve gone a week without going and it feels so terrible.

Fingers crossed the Movicol works!

I use the ‘original’ flavour which doesn’t really taste of much at all… although what tastes of nothing to one person can taste vile to another.

When I saw the bowel nurse she showed me how to massage the large intestine to move the poo into the bowel (very often with constipation the poo isn’t even in the bowel but in the large intestine and too dry to move along… which is why lots of liquid really helps).

So lay on bed. Oil on your hands will help if you want. Start massaging just below your right had hip bone. Move up and around to under your belly button. Keep going around till you come down to just below the left hand hip bone. Then move back to the right side and start again. If you imagine the poo in the large intestine and you are moving along it sort of helps. Hope that is clear. It’s helped me when I’ve been really bunged up.

Pat xx

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Hi guys thanks for all the advice and tips. I’m on day two of 8 sachets in a litre of water. I can definitely feel it in there now so it’s definitely on the move. I’ve had a few bouts of diarrhea but nothing special yet. it’s more frustrating then anything cos I’m in no pain I can just feel it there… Festering haha.

Hi Davettn

The exact same thing happened to me in October last year; 4 days with no movement, faecal impaction which also caused urinary tract blockage so I couldn’t wee or poo! Nightmare stay in A&E where I was catheterised, eventually ‘went’ after industrial strength laxative and have been on Movicol ever since. I take something called dulcolax as well (one at bed and one in morning) and sometimes a max strength Senna as well; the combination seems to work.

If I’ve had no movement for a day then I take a movicol with supper and at bedtime and again in the morning. ‘Touch Wood’, I’ve been OK since but I HAVE to do the following to avoid a repeat;

  1. Drink LOTS of fluid, regularly.

  2. Lots of dried fruit (raisins and apricots and figs) as well as lots of satsumas, bananas and brocolli.

  3. Exercise; movement really helps.

It can be a nightmare, but always keep some movicol in reserve. Hope things get better for you - now go have ‘another’!! glass of water!..


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I have a glass of movicol with one sachet in it after my evening meal that and a micro enima keeps me regular. Says he who had a trip to hospital this week and am now constipated. I had two sachets last night and am eager to see if any success

Anyone else find that bananas really make them constipated?

It’s a shame as I always kept bananas handy as if I had a complete fatigue meltdown they would really help… but just one banana will make me constipated now.

Anyway, if they don’t make you constipated, try eating one when you have a meltdown… you know those ones when feels like you’re going to die. Must be the potassium or something but they can really help.

Pat xx

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Hi guys I’m on day 3 of movicol and after the most horrendous diarrhea I do actually think I’m still blocked. most was just brown water so I’ve cut today’s down to 4 sachets. I’ve a docs appointment on Wednesday so I’m gonna ask for some picolax. If you haven’t heard of it I would definitely recommend it. It’s what they give patients who are due to undergo stomach surgery so it just cleans you right out. I had it in January. Thanks for the tips and advice guys, also for the stories. It’s. …not so much nice that people have been through this but it’s calming to know people can relate so I’m not panicking hugely yet

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My phone doesn’t let me do paragraphs for some reason. Apologies :slight_smile:

Yes - this is true - I think it’s when bananas are not very ripe that they can cause constipation. I find dried bananas the best!

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I’m no expert but after thinking I’m going to be a lumberjack, it eventually evacuates. Plum juice is good stuff & cod liver oil. Not too often though or nothing will get digested. Seeded bread & flapjacks are great. I used to use a lot of sugar & now I’m strictly on sweeteners. Food is important for us all. Good luck

Ooops my bad, Prune Juice! Having a few cognitive issues.