Hi All

Anyone taking this find it makes you go to the loo 3/4 times in a day, plus aching tummy

Many Thanks in advance


You might find this recent thread useful Rosie…

i used movicol for a few months.

it’s getting the dose right that is the problem.

also if you up the dose because you are constipated, be careful because once the constipation is over, little bits slip out!

i haven’t used them for a couple of years.

last time i got severely constipated and bloated, i asked the pharmacist for help.

she asked me what kind of help.

i said - something that will make it drop out! (tmi - i know)

she gave me lactulose warning not to take it unless very close to the loo!

it worked but i haven’t used it since.

always handy to have though.

my word, who’d have thought that i would be discussing toilet events with strangers!

Hi Rosie,

I think there’s a number of people on here that have used/use Movical and I think it affects us all differently. Did nothing for me but I do remember having trapped wind (you could hear my tummy gurgling away) and some tummy ache with it but I didn’t get the relief I was hoping forfor :frowning:

If you can, have a look at the link Poppy put on.

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I use Laxido, which I understand, is another form of Movicol. I do not have any problems with it; I take one sachet at night.

However, I have also started using Chia seeds. I make up a paste, or pudding as explained in the videos below. I add some to my breakfast muesli. I haven’t been taking it long enough to feel any increased vitality, if ever I do, but my aim is to use it in conjunction with Laxido. In time I may even stop using the Laxido, who knows. Linseed is another possibility if you are having problems with the Movicol.

Do take a look at these videos; you may find the presentation irritating but the content is sound enough.

The potential health benefits are very encouraging. I try to find as many natural options as I possibly can.

Best wishes,


Hi Rosie

Basically, with Movicol it’s a case of adjusting the dose until you get it sorted for you.

I’ve used it for years and have found that if I’m too loose, then half a sachet, a quarter or perhaps miss a day is a good idea. If constipated, then maybe have an extra half a sachet. If very badly constipated, or impacted, then have more, even up to 8 sachets, as it says on the box.

You can also try taking it at different times of day. I’ve always taken it in the morning, but many people take it at night.

If you find it’s not right for you, then see your GP and ask for something different, maybe laxido, or you could try natural methods like linseeds or chia seeds.