I used to use movicol,untill i had an accident in the middle of the town,stoppedd movicol and now struggle ,but imo i feel safer,because i know i struggle to go,and i wont have an accident,i know it aint good ,but imo better this way than other

Hi !

Poor you ! I suffered for many years and would go for days and days… feeling fat, bloated and bunged up

Now I have discovered a GUARANTEED result !

1 cup of all bran.

  1. Pitted Prunes - approx 10 of them all chopped up, about the size of a grape.

Have them for breakfast… and hey presto… RESULT !

I had a real bad problem around Christmas time, it went on for months. Movical was no longer working nor was Senokot. My GP gave me some Fybogel which contains Aspartame so decided that I could get fibre for myself. I went to my local Holland and Barrett and bought a bag of ‘coarse wheat bran’. I have it mixed with my nicer cereal every day and drink loads and loads of water. I think that sometimes my wires get crossed and when I go no 1, no 2 happens too. Anyway whatever; it was drinking huge amounts of water and staying near to the loo all one day; everything started moving (properly) again.

Good luck it’s a pain.


I’ve managed to get a doc appointment this morning so hopefully will give me something to address the problem although I am worried that he will send me off to A and E as I’ve not even been able to pass wind, all wind comes up instead of going down! I couldn’t eat any dinner last night, managed a small bowl of porridge this morning though but everything makes me feel sick. Even more annoying my OH and the baby have been struck with a fast rear end which really adds insult to injury.

Best of luck with your appointment this morning! When you finally get on track again there is another thing you could try. When I was having problems, my continence nurse advised me to have an Activia yoghurt with a warm (not hot) cup of tea at about 8pm. The warm tea encourages the natural bacteria to multiply and do their thing overnight! I was disbelieving I must admit, but I tried it and hey presto! It really does work. I now open my bowels after breakfast every morning as regular as clockwork. I know it is the yoghurt that helps because if I forget it, I struggle to go! I do think you might need something a bit stronger to start with though!

Boo 11

I really hope you get sorted today and that it isnt too painful.

Thinking of you.


Well 3 days of senna (which was all he suggested and as I have to pay for scripts I had to get in the car and go to Tesco as there is no pharmacy apart from the dispensary in the surgery) and things are not really happening. Its moving but not to the extent that it ought to and my tummy is still sore to touch although no more gripping pains. I’ve also eaten my body weight in dried fruit, drank cider, lots of other fluids and nothing is really happening, I’ll just keep going with this until I can get an appointment on wednesday.


Similar situation to you. the problem is higher up, rectum empty and movicol just makes oncontinence worse. I take Ducolax 3 tabs to clear out once a week then try agai with diet etc which to be honest doesnt work. Its like one section of the bowel has stopped working. If you dont sort it out you will get a uti and that will make things a lot worse. You need to discuss this with your Dr. Take care.

I’ve taken as much senna as I dare, there have been multiple explosions, and I’m very thankful the bathroom is on the ground floor. Everything passed has been soft, but my tummy feels much more comfortable. I’ll have a couple of days off the senna, see how it goes and then take some more. My GP is not that helpful to honest.

Mine wasn’t either; in this instance. I’m glad you seem to have it sorted and hope it continues. I am going to see my continence nurse at the end of the month and hope to get some better advice. I’d advise you to do the same if it continues to be problomatic.



I have been reading through your posting and the replies. I, too, have had problems with constipation, but can relate to people feeling better to know they are constipated than having ‘accidents’ when out of the house.

A few weeks ago, my wife found me in an unresponsive state one morning, before long I was rushed into hospital, where they found I was ‘impacted’, and this had caused a build-up of my medication, Oxycontin, 80mg, resulting in comatose state. I was given a phosphate enema, and a single dose of Naloxone, to reverse the opiod overdose effects. The build-up was due to the impaction, as I only take medication as prescribed.

I would like to make people aware of the ‘seriousness’ of bowel movement, and impress on everyone ‘not to ignore’ constipation, but keep attempting to maintain regular habits.

Good luck to you all, hope things improve.


Like you I was struggling with rabit droppings, mucus, intestinal pain, more wind than anyone should have… etc lol At one point i was so ill with it every time i ate i was vomiting. After seeing continence nurse, incresed water and took regular glycerin suppositories. Has sorted it for me…touch wood. Just take a suppository now and then when i need to go but cant get body to push :slight_smile: But def see a doctor first just in case. Like others have said, constipation can be a lot more serious than people thing.