Bowel problems, sorry a bit icky!

Hi everyone

I wonder if any of you can help. I constantly have problems with constipation and take Movical as well as eating loads of fruit, veg, bran and drink plenty of water. Occasionally though it seems to go the other way and when I go to no. 1 I end up doing no.2, (if you know what I mean). This has meant I have to use wipes to keep the area clean because of self Catheterising. My bladder nurse said this could be bowel incontinence, caused by my brain sending out the wrong signals. I wondered how others deal with this and how ‘the hell’ they manage it, or is it just a case of looking at the diagram on the Movical packet and guessing!

Thanks for any advice you can give. Going anon for obvious reasons.

Well that really worked didn’t it?

Thank you Mel, I’ll speak to my nurse again when she comes to see me in January.

I even bought prunes last week as I’ve been feeling so ill with it lately, (didn’t need to use them and have no idea why it’s gone this way as I eat pretty much the same food most of the time). I suppose it could have been the tub of salad that I bought from Sainsbury’s last week.



Try eating kanabis cookies.It soaks’directly into the bowel,and without them I’d really struggle ,'cos of the morhine patches and diverticulitis,


Thanks for that, I wondered how long it would be before I needed help with that end as well, what fun!. Sorry I’m being facetious. I have friends who sometimes need the nurse to use an enema but didn’t know you could ‘do it yourself’. I will ask my nurse about it all when she comes to see me in January.




Off-topic, but for future reference, the original post was anonymous - just not anonymous to you (I suppose because you already know you’ve posted it, so it assumes there’s no harm in letting you know).

It causes endless confusion, though, so I don’t know why they can’t fix it so the poster sees what everyone else sees!

Not only that, but a poster might not be the only person with access to their computer, so an “anon” post ought to be “anon” to them too, in case they don’t want family or work colleagues who might be sharing the same space to know what they’ve just posted.



Thanks for that Tina

I thought the anon status hadn’t worked, not that I personally find the subject embarrasing, (it’s par for the course) just can’t remember if I’ve asked about it before, which is embarrasing!



Hi, no need to go anon on this subject…it happens to all of us at sometime, hun.

Your words echoed mine…but I was recently put on

co-danthustrate…a laxative and softner in one capsule.

They work…movicol did work for years…not now.

luv Pollx