Stomach problems

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, and I was wondering if any of you can help me.

I’m a 27 year old female and was diagnosed with rrms last November. The only medication I have had is a 5 day lemtrada infusion in february and am not on any regular medication.

Apart from the usual dizziness, nausea and balance issues, I have recently had some concerning stomach problems. These include severe bloating continuously and stomach pain from underneath my ribs to the bottom.

I have cut out all gluten dairy caffeine and sugars and it still doesn’t seem to subside.

Has anyone else had these issues? And any ideas on how to resolve them?

Thanks everyone

Laura x

i was taking a lot of neuropathic meds and had been for 12 months when i started the bloating.

i wondered if it was one of the meds and if so, which one.

by cutting them out one at a time, i found it to be gabapentin that was the culprit.

i stopped taking this and guess what? my pain levels were no worse.

so then i stopped tizanidine and another which i can’t remember the name of.

pain has become a regular part of my daily life but at least i’m no longer bloated and constipated.

The stomach problems could be nothing to do with the MS and different issue entirely. I should consult GP but also check the meds you on for known side effects.

I found one made me throw up all the time, so that was a no-gamer!

As you’re not on any regular medication, and dietary changes haven’t helped, then your next step has to be a trip to your GP. They’ll know what questions to ask and what tests to do to (hopefully) arrive at a diagnosis. I hope you get some answers soon.

I’m not on any meds at the moment, had the infusion and they sent me on my way.

Because I’m recently diagnosed I start to panic about any new symptom! So the stomach pain was a concern. The dizziness and the nausea just seem the norm daily.

But I’m booked in with GP in 4 days, (only appointment I could get) so fingers crossed.

Thanks everyone for your advice :slight_smile:

Hi Laura,

I agree with reddivine that your stomach problems could be nothing to do with MS but another issue, and also, as Cheerful_Dragon has said that if you’re not on any regular medication and your dietary changes haven’t helped then it’s definitely worth a trip/mention to your GP.

Oh, just a thought… it could be a bit of trapped wind which can be extremely painful & very bloating with it, or possibly even IBS!!!

Hope you get some answers soon.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

ah trapped wind!

i had that when i was sixteen in my first workplace.

one of the older females thought it was period pains so she followed me to the loo.

she told me it sounded like trapped wind which i had never heard of.

she had a word with the boss who arranged for one of the lads off the loading bay to run me home.

i immediately filled a hot water bottle and curled up in a foetal position.

i dozed off and awoke to a sound that must have matched krakatoa!

the loudest and longest fart ever!!

and then i was as right as rain.

sorry about the tmi!

Haha that made me laughl

Don’t tell me I’ve had this panic and it’s trapped wind? Would that last days?

It’s just the bloating and the pain under my ribs I can’t handle, especially when I’m trying to lose the weight that I put on whilst taking the steroids…and i look like I’ve eaten a football!

I remember having really terrible stomach ache for about 3 days at the age of about 18. I thought it could be something terrible, I was in so much pain. I was just in bed in agony.

Then, much like Carole, I discovered the culprit. Or rather, it surprised the hell out of me when Vesuvius erupted from my rear end. Needless to say, the stomach ache went away and I felt just fine!


if only all our aches and pains could be dealt with by a good old F…t!

to this day i always think to myself, i must need a f…t!

actually i retain urine and a good f…t helps it to come.

oh sue if only we could meet up in person, we’d probably be banned from all polite pubs, neh matter i prefer the rough and ready ones!

I’m happy with rough n ready. And rough and ready is probably happier with me than posh places.

And these days I have no chance of restraining my stoma from squeaks, squeals, phuts and indeed, outright farts. Which in a lift is somewhat embarrassing. But I have learned to say ‘excuse me’ and not worry about it. Before the colostomy I was in fact known in this house as Farty McFart Face, because my rear end couldn’t be trusted; whenever I bent over one was liable to erupt.

How times have changed, my brothers always used to think girls didn’t fart because I was such a prim little girly!

Sue (now known as Phutty McPhut Face)

Quick update, been to the GP and straight to the hospital for a scan…and the problem was gallstones!

Thanks everyone for your advice X

I’m glad it’s not MS, still deeply unpleasant though. But an excellent reminder that not everything is MS.

I hope there’s some way they can dissolve the stones without operation Laura.

And that there’s something that can help with the pain.


Yeah your right there Sue!

Well they’re trying to dissolve them, and have given me some pretty strong painkillers! So at least I know what the cause is now and as you said not everything is MS related!