Bloating & stomach pain

Hi there,

I am just wondering if anyone with RRMS has had problems with constant bloating and stomach pain?

Hi Gem20
That is so weird as I was just about to post about bloating and is there any connection with MS.
Idon’t have pain just a very very big belly.
My weight has stayed the verysame just this belly.
I hope you are as well as can be and get some help for your pain.

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It might be a food intolerance and worth keeping a food diary to help identify suspects.

Food intolerance - NHS (

Hi I have had bloating for about a year it’s only in the few months it’s become painful, I’m having lots of tests done through a Functional Doctor who thinks it is Leaky Gut which I had been thinking for year’s the symptoms are the same one of symptoms is food intolerances which have been getting worse in the last few years hope you get some relief from the pain if it’s anything like mine it’s terrible at times mainly at night so I can’t often can’t sleep

Yip - I would have that at times as well and if I have a few pints with my mates, I end up looking like a pregnant pup - might be an idea to take healthy bacteria supplements for the gut or some of those yoghurt drink shots to make sure all is well in the gut - there is a school of thought out there that thinks the gut can really determine our health I think, they may be right. Good luck

Thank you, you too

Yes absolutely, thank you

Thank you for this and I hope you find some answers soon

Thank you! Yes am going to definitely look into supplements and have also done some reading on the gut. Do you currently take supplements?

I have taken healthy bacteria supplements in the past (purchased at local chemist) and take Y@kult supplement drinks in the past as well

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