Bloating and pains

Hi am new, but was wondering if anyone on here has been or had the same problems am having atm, even if i dont eat am sooo bloated to the point i look heavily pregnant, i get bad pains in my tummy ribs and side i was just hoping someone might have any tips for me, iv done the exercise,and diet thing and took anti bloating tablets but nothing is working,any help wud be appreciated at this point. X

It might be a food intolerance and worth keeping a food diary to help identify likely suspects. Wheat & dairy are the usual culprits.

Food intolerance - NHS (

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Hi I would definitely consult GP as these symptoms can be caused by a variety of health issues and it is important to get a diagnosis.
A quick way to diagnose food allergies is to ask your GP for a blood test and then depending on results they can refer you to an allergy clinic for further tests.
Hope you get an answer soon.


Hi! Want to support you here. Please do don’t be afraid to go to the doctor, this is really important


Trying to get a phone call with my GP is nearly impossible at this time there very small and understaffed so its extremely difficult for me to even get thought to the reception, going to try ring my MS nurse again today see if she cud mabys help X

Done the food dairy, i have crippling pains even when i wake up, and i have a horrendous needle phobia so blood work is very far and few between lol thank you for your help tho i will continue my food dairys for the doctors :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi I have had really bad bloating for the last 6 months and it’s gradually got more painful and have started seeing Functional doctor who thinks I might have SIBO which is a problem with the small gut plus she thinks I have Leaky gut which is also a problem with the gut which alot of people with MS have a problem with, I have had problems with food intolerance for years but it’s gradually got worse which is a classic sign of Leaky Gut

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Thank you for telling me your stroy, massively appreciated, am the same as u hun been getting worse over a month nw its to the point wear no painkiller will even take the edge off :frowning: i rang my MS nurse yesterday and she stright away said nothing to do with my MS so wud just need to ring my GP, iv had no help with my MS hug either which is getting worse with all this bloating, did u go threw your GP to find out you had leaky gut? Xx