Is This Also MS Related ?

I keep getting a bloated feeling in my stomach, it actually feels and looks as if I’m pushing my stomach out on purpose, but I’m obviously not.

Its not painful as such, and isn’t wind, but just this bloated swollen sensation.

I’m wondering if this might be related to the MS because thinking back it seems to have started since being diagnosed and definitely more obvious since progressing ?

hiya jt

i dunno but plenty of muscles in/around tummy so makes sense if they are irritated/swollen/misbehaving.


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Not everything is down to MS. talk to your GP. It could be IBS brought on by your MS if your stressed or anxious. any bloated feeling or stomach swollen is not normal. are your bowels ok?

I would have it checked out. It could be hormonal too. Or even water retention.

It might be a food intolerance and keeping a food diary will help identify the culprit. Wheat & dairy are fairly common suspects and you could try cutting out one of those food groups for a few weeks, to see if it helps.

No harm in checking with you GP though.


It seems to happen when my other MS symptoms are kicking in or if I’ve pushed myself a bit, but maybe that just a coincidence ? It stated years ago but only happen now and then, but as my MS has progressed so has this boated swollen feeling, hence thinking it might be MS related ?

You know your body best and something is clearly acting as a trigger, so why not MS? The trouble is it is just a guess at this stage and you need a more informed opinion from a medical professional.

The NHS site covers bloating here and also has a link to food intolerance. Should you cut out bread to stop bloating? - NHS

I hope you manage to get a decent answer.

Yes i get it when i have eaten wheat or gluten so i try to avoid it my gp did some tolerance tests and found i had a few. wheat, gluten, rye, bananas, beans, soya and a few others.

I try to avoid. if i have eaten any of the above my stomach blows up lol.