Stomache problems since relapse

Hi , does anyone know why since i had a relapse few months ago causing loss of feeling ( which luckly is ok now ) i have had problems with stomache feeling bloated all the time and stool issues aswell ever since last relapse ? Anyones advice would be appreciated

Hiya Kellyb - a few years ago, after having MS for over 20 years I too started suffering with a bloated stomach and feeling so uncomfortable! After various tests last at the Dr’s and Hospital it turned out that I was lactose intolerant! I now use lactose free milk, cheese and feel so much better! That’s just an idea but you could be lactose intolerant too?? x

I get this this terrible bloating feeling.

You can actually notice it coming on through my clothes, it can last a half hour or all day, theres no pain just a bloated horrible feeling.

Its usually worse when I’m standing ?

It doesn’t seem to be triggered by anything in particular, it can happen on an empty stomach or if I’ve eaten normally, but there don’t seem to be anything in particular that starts it off ?

I’ve recently had a load of tests done on my stomach/bowel, cameras, CT, bloods, stool samples, the works but nothing was found.

This bloating thing has without doubt only started since my MS and has gradually become more frequent since the MS has progressed.

Have had same symptoms for about 8yrs and after loads of tests the only answer they have come up with is irritable bowel. Have been using Buscopan which can be bought over counter or prescribed. Seems to ease the pain and bloating. Be prepared for wind!