Bowel spasms !!

Hi Gang, do any of you get really bad bowel spasms, i have had them now and then over the years,

i had one yesterday, i just about managed to get to the toilet, i was sat there for 20 minutes, sweat was pouring off my face,i go all hot and loose the power in my hands and arms, and feel and look so ill,i go deathly white and feel like

theres a load of pressure on my spine and head,and nearly pass out,but i never do, i get the runs for a bit then after 20 minutes it starts to go off and i feel exhausted with it, at the time i feel like i am dying as its that bad.

i told the neuro a few year ago but he seemed to dismiss it really,but i am a bit worried about them really.

J x

Have you considered possible allergies? Your symptoms sound reminiscent of what I experienced before I discovered I was allergic to dairy, but my symptoms were very regular - almost daily - and not as severe as you describe. Have you spoken to your GP and ruled out Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

I hope you find an answer to this soon.

Best wishes


lapwing has offered sensible advice.

are you on baclofen?

dunno, but baclofen doesnt stop bladder spasms…wonder if it is same for bowels

best speak to ms nurse or gp .


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Hi J. I’d really see the gp if I was you. That doesn’t sound very much like ms to me either. It sounds more like a bowel problem and if I were you I’d speak to the gp. It may be nothing, you may have a bit of constipation that leads to cramping and a feeling of being unwell, if that’s the case you may just need a change in diet or laxative. Do you think there’s anything that may be causing it to happen, for example something you’ve eaten or you haven’t been for a couple of days before it occurs? Is there any pattern to it?

Just something to think about before seeing the doctor, as I’d imagine they’ll ask the same things. Please don’t leave it, it could get worse or you could be very embarrassed if it happens when you’re not at home. There could be an easy solution.

Hope you feel better soon, please let us know how you get on.

Cath x

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Hi Mrs J,

I agree with the others, I think you should see your GP about this. I get bowel spasms but nothing so awful as you’ve described.

​ It doesn’t make me go to the toilet, I just get a searing internal pain! It’s totally different to my leg and back spasms in that it’s very brief, it rarely lasts more than about ten minutes, often less. I know spasms come in all shapes and sizes but yours sounds awful and I’m wondering, like the others, if this is possibly something else.

Hope you will be able to get an answer from your GP or nurse.

Take care,


Hi Mrs J, I agree with the others, see your GP.

I get spasms of rectum but they are over quickly and don’t need to go to loo. Sounds like something else going on. Those are very nasty symptoms.

Hope GP can sort it out,

Pat xx

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Hi Mrs J

Sorry to sounds relative, but I agree with everyone that a visit to gp is called for.

I too get spasms in bowel, but they are short lived, and don’t make me feel like yours do.

Let us know how you get on, take care.

Pam x

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Sorry, should say repetitive not relative.

Pam x

thanks for the replies, i have already told my gp and also my neuro, gp just looked at me as if i was mad, and the neuro wasnt much better, just told me to take buscopan,

i really feel that its my ms,as it comes and goes like all my other symptoms,

i feel that my bowels are shutting down more and more now, as i have really bad constipation and impaction at times,this also comes and goes,but seems to be getting a bit more often, and the normal laxatives and remedies dont work much either ,believe me i try everything,prunes, linseeds, senna, dulcolax ,lots of water, and so on,i also feel because i am very immobile that doesnt help either, i go on my excercise bike for a few minutes a day and do pilates on my bed

i dont want to have endless tests for them to say theres nothing wrong,as even if they thought my ms was causing my bowel to shut down, they would not want to tell me,as theres nothing they can do. only to operate and give me a bag,i know thats a last resort, but it scares me to death though,like it would anyone,

i also feel that because my head and spine feel pressure when it happens,that makes me think even more its ms,i guess i am scared and was looking for reassurance.

J x

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Could you try a different GP? That does not sound like a professional reaction / response at all!

I remember asking a neurologist about my issues before I discovered my dairy allergy and he said that bowel problems are not usually neurological, that it is necessary to look elsewhere for the cause.

I do hope that you can find a helpful GP!

Best wishes

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Hmmmm I have to agree with Lapwing. Even if you’re right and your ms is causing it, you can’t just carry on struggling. There are so many options open. The continence nurses may also help, maybe suggest a referral? Nobody should be left in your situation, it’s cruel. The thought of a bag isn’t pleasant but they’ve come on a long way and aren’t anything like they used to be. They can be very discreet and easily managed, but it may not come to that.

I really think you’ve been wronged by your medical team and stories like yours really sadden me. We all know how it feels to have symptoms that aren’t taken seriously and it’s very upsetting. If it doesn’t ease up please see another doctor. Take care.

Cath xx


I agree with the others Mrs J. These are symptoms that are so distressing you must be taken seriously and have it investigated.

The constipation is bad enough (and I was the one who suggested linseeds to you and now they’ve stopped working for me). But what you are suffering goes way beyond constipation.

Thinking of you,

Pat xx

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Hi, I am also inactive, due to being a full time wheelie user My bowels would never work without help.

Every morning I have a sachet of movicol, bran flakes and sometimes prunes in juice as well.

Even with this can miss a day or 2 of going and then i take an extra movicol.

ps movicol is also known as laxido. it is safe to take up to 8 sachets a day for severe impaction.


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