stomach pains and eating problems

Been having very bad stomach problems for over year, neuro thinks its not related to ms and have relapse with has made me worse.Had few scans and found nothin. Dont feel hungry ever dont manage to eat much or drink full fluid requirements. Pain is always there, eating is too tiring and after go thru so much pain and other symptoms and too much weakness. Also swallowing problems but he says it would be permanent to be ms. Docs dont know why i can’t eat properly, after two three spoons pain starts, sometimes so bad in pelvic area too. Lost weight but they can’t understand why. Anybody else eating problems and stomach pain in relapse?

Hi Golden,

Only time I had bad stomach cramps was when I first started taking statins. I use to have swallowing problems the valve switchy thing in throat would get stuck so liquid and odd food would go into my lungs or I end up choking and coughing. JD and coke burns like hell in your lungs. I use to get alot of lung infections.

My first neuro bod was not much and when I told him he said hmmm not MS related, when he left and I’m under my current one he said yep MS related it can come and go and also MS society had a booklet about this condition and gave it a name but I forgot it was a white and pink booklet.

Anyway did go away and the off liquid may get stuck once every 4 months now.

Hello golden

Can I ask what type of scans you’ve had please? Has your gp ruled out stomach ulcer or sliding hiatus hernia…that would be an endoscopy?

Noreen x

Thanku for replies, had ct scan with barium n without of bowels and stomach. And the one they put tube up your behind. Ultrasound of kidneys, and spleen. Not had endoscopy. They seemother to think i dont need other tests. But i am very very weak, even when somebody touches me hurts i cry. Its affected my whole body from stomach.

If your saying you had a barium swallow, then this would have shown up problems in the gullet, reflux from the stomach.

If it was a baruim meal, that would have looked at the stomach and small intestine. These would have ruled out what I mentioned above.

It may be worth asking you gp to check for food intolerances. I would ask about having a check for gluten intolerance, to start with. You could just try cutting out wheat yourself and see if it makes a difference.

My daughter is gluten intolerant…a small amount of wheat would make her feel really ill.

Noreen x

I had to drink the white liquid and have injection dye too then they scanned. Thanku I will ask for th intolerance test.

Is this neuro a specialist in MS? Swallowing problems with ms don’t always have to be permanent. I have problems swallowing but not all the time.

I too have a poor appetite…put a plate of food in front of me and I would run a mile. I prefer to graze, little and often.

Do you have relapsing, remitting ms? mine is progessive type.

It may relate to medication. Whatever is causing it, you need to find out. I know its not easy when your not well but keep the pressure on your gp to continue with investigations.

Take care xxx