swallowing coughing wile eating food getting stuck

Hello its me AGAIN wanted some advice husband is choughing/choking/struggling to eat along with speech problems had a word with ms nurses on 9th august they mentioned they wanted him to a person for it,they said swallowing problems and speech problems are usually in more advanced or progressive cases.We already thought this and with his mri results neurologist thinks he could have had ms for years,as he has many old scars going through whole of brain with spine lesions too.Question has anyone on here had the tests that they do for swallowing?Ms nurses suggested cutting food up for him i already do this if red meats as struggles cutting food.The worst is when eating bread or dry foods,they also suggested him eating mince as easier to eat.I am abit worred as i read that people with problems with swallowing can get food in lungs.xx julie

Hi Julie, can’t offer any advice really but I can sympathise. This is one of my symptoms. Over Christmas I got food stuck and although I managed to move it, it was very scary. I start choking just because saliva has gone down the wrong way. When eating bread or other drier more solid foods I have a drink between mouthfuls just to keep it all moving and break it up a bit. I think I’m going to have to go and see my GP over it as it has definitely got worse. Can he not be refferred to Speech therapist. I’m sure they would be able to help him

Sharon xx

Hi sharon yes thats what ms nurses said that they were going to make him an appointment its just so scary how rapid his symptoms came on , it seems like new symptoms develop all the time ,his old symptoms never really went away neurologist is seing him in april as he wants to see how his symptoms are ,and if got anymore.He is waiting to diagnose the type he thinks most likely to have.We thought when he told him he had diagnosed with multiple sclerosis he would automaticly tell him the type.But even ms nurses think neurologist likes to see how it progresses first.Feel so sorry for hubby as has had alot of spine pain last few days struggling to walk and he went work,not good. xxx julie