eating problems - choking, hiccuping, getting stuck etc

Hi all,

Once in a while I have a big episode while eating. It feels as though the inside there just locks. My body seems to react to that by burping, hiccuping, coughing etc and then those things combine and get confused and there can be some puking - like a convulsion. I’ve read that the eating mechanisms are complex and can be affected by MS and that eating while doing something else, like talking, can set this sort of thing off but I sometimes find just worrying that it might happen sets it off. After it’s over it is like my body has suffered a trauma - it’s sore and I’m wiped out.

Asking really if folk think this is an MS thing and also if anyone has any remedies that have worked for them?

Thanks in advance x

Speech and Language therapist can help. get an appointment asap.

Hi I get the problem on a regular basis perhaps once per week. It happens unexpectedly whist I am eating and feels like something is stuck at the top of my throat. I have to remain calm as I cannot breath and I need to gulp or have a drink of water or just stand before it clears and then I am ok. It is pretty frightening but the key is remain calm as you cannot speak or do anything whilst it is happening. It has been on this forum before and is an MS symptom. Bertie

Thank you Carole - I will do that x

Thank you Bertie, it does make me feel better that it is MS related, in a funny way, and not something new to investigate. It confirms what I thought already. You’re right about the remaining calm but if it happens in public that is really hard and it just gets worse and worse. Sorry you get it too and so often.