involuntary vomiting

Good evening everyone. I realise this is a horrible topic, but I’d appreciate any thoughts from anyone else who might suffer this rather distressing thing. I’ve started having problems with swallowing and choking and follow all the usual advice given to combat that, i.e, concentrating on eating and drinking, chewing small amounts carefully, taking sips of water between mouthfuls etc. However, I’ve had a couple of occasions when I have been really sick with no warning at all, not even feeling sick beforehand. Before I go off to the docs, I wondered if anyone else out there has experienced the same thing and how it jas been treated if at all.

Thanks for your help everyone, and keep well.


hi alison i haven’t (yet) had problems with swallowing, choking and being sick. however i kept waking up with sick in my mouth. this really freaked me out but it turned out to be good old acid reflux. i felt a bit daft but then again i was chuffed to never had had it before. hot water bottle may help although it’s not really cold enough. omeprazole worked for my acid reflux but i only took them for a few weeks. sorry for my limited response. see your gp.

I’m only early ms, so forgive my ignorance, but is the sickness always associated with when you are eating, I wasn’t sure if you were been sick suddenly when not eating from the post and was thinking this could be migraines. But you need to see your GP as you don’t what an infection from this.

I think personally you should see your GP. Everyone with MS has it differently and it might be days before you get answers, so really vomiting is not normal so i would see a GP just to make sure it isnt something other then MS hunny. xx

I agree with CC. Seeing your GP is a good idea. People do often have problems with swallowing / choking, and for that you could be referred to someone to help. But actually vomiting is I believe quite unusual. And anything weird and unusual should be discussed with a doctor.


Thanks to those who have responded. I am due to see neuro very soon and will certainly discuss then. Also think I will make appointment to see my very good GP, who will know what is best to do. I am really lucky that he is very supportive, I know not everyone has the same positive experiences.

Thanks again, and keep as well as you can.

Alison xx

My husband has also vomited on a few occasions with no warning or feelings of nausea. I had wondered what was the outcome of your consultation Alison?