Discomfort Swallowing

Hi everyone

Bit of advise needed if anyone can help. Yesterday I started experiencing a nasty episode of an ms hug, wasn’t too stressed about it as I have had them before, but late last night, and now this morning I am having real discomfort when eating or swallowing. It feels like I’ve constantly got something lodged in my throat that I can’t get rid of and is making eating really awkward. Still eating as hey, have to eat, but wondered if anyone out there had any advise. I’m seeing my ms nurse specialist on wednesday but just wondered if this is related or a relapse or something.

Any advise you guys have would be great!


Hi, swallowing difficulties are a symptom of MS.

But have you got a specific worry or had any emotional upsets lately?

I ask because when I felt as if there was a blockage in my throat, my GP sent me to ENT, as an emergency and the doc said that when we are really upset about something, the first thing that happens is that our throat muscles tighten. i`d just lost both my parents within 3 weeks of each other.

As you are seeing your MS nurse next week, discuss it with her, yeh?

Hope it sorts itself out soon hun.

luv Pollx


Thanks. No emotional upsets of late. Just been really exhausted of late. Will see what the ms nurse has to say. Thanks for your help