New symptom?

Hi all,

Just after a bit of advice please.

I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS almost 20 years ago and (touch wood) have been doing ok, symptoms come and go, and I know things are getting worse but nothing I haven’t been able to cope with. That is until a couple of weeks ago when I started with what I think is a new “symptom”.

I am getting a sensation in my throat almost as if I had something stuck, big lump in my throat and I can’t swallow properly. It is really frightening as I feel I can’t breath.

Has anyone else had this or heard of this? I don’t want to bother my neuro or ms nurse if it’s not an ms symptom, but also don’t want to go to gp if it is.

Thanks for reading & for any advice.


Hi Amanda, I have seen reference to this same symptom often on here and the MS society used to do a leaflet on it, as a typical symptom.

Other than that, I can tell you that being upset or in some kind of mental trauma, does cause the throat muscles to tighten.

When I lost my mum and dad just 3 weeks apart, back in 2001, my GP referred me to an ENT specialist, as I had that lump in the throat feeling all the time.

Once I`d explained the situation and my loss, he told me that the throat does this. Its kind of like (but to a lesser degree) when we watch a sad film, or read a sad book and we say we have a lump in our throat.

So if you can eliminate any recent upset, I would urge you to speak to your gp/neuro about it.

I dont know if there is any medication for it, but there must be coping strategies.

Hope you get more more replies with better advice.

luv Pollxx

Hi Amanda

To a lesser degree I have had what I describe as having something stuck in my throat, and even swallowing saliva feels difficult.

Some people on the forum have said they have been referred to a speech therapist, and that has helped, so it may be worth mentioning it to your MS nurse, who can, if you want, refer you.

Take care

Pam x

Thinks Poll, good to know x

Thanks Pam,

Think I will make appointment to see MS nurse soon.