throat spasm :-(

Hi everyone, i hope you’re all well…as can be. Ive been trying to weane myself off this site since my neuro said that he couldnt diagnose ms due to inconclusive tests, but, he did say that doesnt mean the symptoms arent ms and it may show in time. Anyway im waffling… What I wanted to ask is, I went out today and my throat started to tighten. I coughed hoping to loosen it and then coughed again (a short sharp cough) but then my throat went into a spasm type thing snd I couldnt breath. This at its worst lasted about 30 seconds but took about 5 mins for it to ease completly. I was so scared…i couldnt speak and felt that my oxygen had the tiniest pin prick of a gap to get through. I am absolutly petrified that this is going to happen again :frowning: Has anyone else suffered from this? Is it atypical of MS? Thanks for your time guys Mandymoo x

Are you still taking Propranolol? NHS choices website lists bronchospasm as a dangerous but rare side affect “bronchospasm in people with asthma or who have had asthma - this may be fatal”. You should see your GP as an emergency - don’t let them delay you.

I’ve had it several times it makes my eyes really water when it happens. I’m in limbo so not sure if it means anything but it’s woken me up in the night too A xx

Hi, hope you werent terrified even more by Vithfari`s reply!

Throat tightening is very often caused by stress/anxiety.

I know this `cos my GP sent me to ENT when I felt a lump in my throat for a couple of weeks.

On seeing the consultant I told him that I had just lost both parents and he said that when we are upset and emotional, the first thing that reacts is out throat. The muscles tighten.

have you had anxious times?

I think a visit to your GP would help.

If you want to stay on these boards, then you are welcome to. You dont have to have MS to be a member.

I was diagnosed with it for a few years, but I dont have it…I have a similar disabling condition.

luv Pollx

Thx for all the repplies. I am under stress and anxious but no more than usual and this just came out of the blue during a very relaxed chat…even laughter so i dont THINK it was that. But stress and the impacts on the body are tremendous! Whatever it was…i DO NOT ever want it again! I really did think I was on my way out. I knew my only hope was not to completly freak out…to be honest i didnt have the breath TO freak out It was completly and utterly terrifying. I am relieved that no-one else has had them and ferls that they could be connected to the ongoing possible MS diagnosis…phrw! Snyways…i wish u all well and thx again :slight_smile: Mandymoo :slight_smile:

Arwen, your reply has only just appeared…(confused as to why) I cant imagine how scarry that must have been for you in your sleep! I hope neither of us ever have it again thats for sure. X