‘Throat’ spasms?

Today I experienced something I never have before (it may just be a random occurrence and not ms related)

I coughed and it was like my upper throat (by the dangly bit right at the back) went into a spasm. I was wheezing and struggling to catch my breath, although I could breathe it felt like I couldn’t. No tightness in the chest or anything else just a feeling that my throat was totally rigid. I was able to swallow as I sipped water once I’d got my breath back but I couldn’t talk as that set the coughing/wheezing off again. Never had anything like this before and luckily I didn’t panic until after it was over!

Have a phone appt with MS nurse tomorrow but just wondering if anyone else has had this? I’ve been fine since although my throat feels a little sore - probably from all the coughing!

hiya amy142

i can relate to what u describe. ask to see a speech therapist. i have spasms in my throat. ended up losing 5 stone and having to relearn how to eat and swallow safely again. a speech therapist’s input for me was invaluable. its scary when you feel you cant breathe-def cant speak during these episodes-but there is help out there and a potential solution on dealing with the issue.

hope it doesnt happen again for you but if you are concerned ask re speech therapist.

take care, ellie

Thank you so much for your reply and your advice ellie. I’m so glad to hear you got sorted - it sounds like your experience was horrific :frowning: I hope you are in better health now x

hi again amy

my ms is now fairly advanced. it will never be ‘sorted’ but i have learnt (and so have friends, family and carers!) how to address it in some sort of way when it happens. i was trying to reassure you that there are things that can help if it continues.

take care, ellie